Yogi tampers with Karma (Viewed 151 times)
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Yogi tampers with Karma
Posted on May 19, 2017

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Date:  Posted 5 years before May 19, 2017


MiBeloved 5 years ago

One side effect of breath infusion practice is the efficient passage of karmic energies through the psyche.  Karma is the cumulative effect of an action which was committed by the person in a past life. A simple act, like a flirtation with someone forms a karmic energy or an after-effect-energy which might cause either of the persons to take a haphazard rebirth.


Once I commit an act, I am automatically tagged for the reaction of that act, regardless of whether I like the reaction or not, regardless of if I remember that I did the act or not. Put it this way: Nature never forgets and it is not into the forgiving business. Human beings are into forgiving, and doing all sorts of magnanimous acts but nature is not concerned with that. It is a mathematical operation, a machine thing.


Because I flirted with the woman in my past life, nature set up for me to be meeting the woman in this life but under totally different circumstances and with my not remembering the original flirtation. Even though I do not remember it, still nature replays the flirtation when I meet the lady in this life, and from that a relationship may or may not develop all depending on the facilities nature affords. If I do not get to play out the relationship then I feel that I missed something. Nature takes a note of that too. It will keep that notation in my subconscious and uses it in a future time when I meet that woman again, such that in the next encounter I will have a stronger more compelling urge to be with the woman.


The breath infusion can help to thaw out these subconscious energies. These energies are logged in the psyche. They are hosted in certain areas of the subtle body. By breath infusion one can reach these areas and cause these energies to move out of the psyche, thus dissolving out nature’s mathematical operations.


In some cases however when a yogi tries to breathe out those harbored energies; he or she finds that the energies do not move out of storage. They stubbornly remain there. This means that the infusion is not sufficient to blast that type of karma out. Some karmas form a heavier astral energy than others. The really heavy ones cannot be removed by a student yogi, because he or she won’t have the required power and efficiency of infusion to displace them and cause them to be evacuated out of the psyche.


You may have heard of how yoga can burn up karma but don’t think that this means just meditation. Meditation alone cannot do everything. Certain things must be done by some other of the methods of yoga. Remember that yoga has 8 parts not one part as meditation. And in fact the meditation part of yoga consists of either four or three parts according to how you are practicing. When it is three parts it is called samyama by Patanjali which is the highest three stages made into one sequential practice.


When it has four parts, it is the four higher stages of yoga. When it is really one part indeed then it is the final stage of yoga which is samadhi. Unfortunately many people are saying they are entering samadhi even though that is not what they are doing during practice.


This is like the boy who got that high school diploma and he boasted how his education was finished and that he was at the highest level of study. Many people feel they are entering samadhi even though they are far away from it and are just doing some concentration, mentally neutral practice or mood altering process that suits their fancy.


For those of you, who can use this information, please bear in mind that nature keeps two logs of your activities. One log is filled in your subconscious. This log stays with you wherever you may go in these material worlds or in the subtle astral world. This stays with you in your psyche. This is the rough equivalent of the subconscious in Western psychology. The other log is nature video tape copy of your action, and the circumstance of it. Both of these logs are actually off limits to you, just as certain files in a computer’s registry cannot ever be opened by the user of the machine. Only the manufacturer can open such files. So this hidden file in your psyche is off-limits to you. The other super-copy is what Edgar Cayce said was the akashic records. Cayce was accessing it because he was a mystic with the perception-power to do that.


A yogi is never allowed to tamper with the akashic records. He might if he has the required mystic perception, enter into it and see its information about him or about others, but he cannot change any of it. He can however make adjustments to the information in his subconscious.


The way it works is that if you manage to change the information filled in your subconscious, the information in the Akashic records will not find a match in your psyche, and you might get off the hook of bad karmas and might also forego having to be around in a certain place and time for experiencing good karmas.


The breath infusion does magic to remove some of these karmic energies which are logged in the subconscious.