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Yogi Who Missed Practice
Posted on January 12, 2017

While doing breath-infusion practice, early on the morning of January 1, 2017, Srila Yogeshwarananda asked about Sir Paul Castagna, as to why he was not available during practice or otherwise, as to why he was not present on the astral level where they communicated.


I replied that Sir Paul was with some persons who were his relations and friends while he used his last body. I saw Sir Paul yesterday for a short period and his astral body went in the direction of the place where he lived during his last physical form.


Distances in the astral places are not measured as they are in the physical world. but they are distances, and specific locations there which can be gaged using psychic measures. Sir Paul’s astral form sunk in vibration, or was lowered considerably because of his being attracted to his relations and friends of his last body. The force of that attraction removed access to higher planes. Srila Yogeshwarananda realized that he was missing and was concerned.


Sooner or later Sir Paul will reinstate himself. It will take some effort to uplift his subtle body or to remove the lower astral energy which possessed it. A yogi has to be so careful, so vigilant as to observe the ascension and the demotion of the subtle form. One should know how to re-elevate the subtle body so that if it has to go to a lower level for any reason, one can re-energize it again.



There are cases of where a yogi’s astral body is lowered and then that yogi assumes the form of somebody’s infant and loses track of spiritual progress for that or for that and other physical lives which follow. This does happen. One has to be careful in regards to what psychic association one absorbs. Even friends and other yogis who are not as advanced, can cause a yogi to lose footing on the progress. This happens because people compete for a student’s attention. If they get it and if the yogi loses contact with the yoga-guru(s) as a result, that yogi runs the risk of being out of touch with the higher association.