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Yogi Hereafter Prospects
Posted on May 16, 2017

This is an email correspondence from a student:

I had this awakening experience where I was in this place with this unknown group and although I thought myself to be this authority on this side, over there it's not so.

I was a nobody and seems to even acknowledge my present.

I came back on this side knowing that's how it's really going to be when I leave this side.

Please shear your optics on this and how I can change the madness.

It's kinda scary maybe I need to try harder to crawl thru the hole you make for me to go through.


Mi~Beloved Response:


Even though one may be advanced in reference to most human beings on the physical side, one may be primitive when standing next to advanced people who reside on high levels of the astral side.


There are astral places where the people are similar to those we meet physically at this time, but there are other places. If one finds oneself to be in such place one will realize that one does not know anything in comparison to those celestial people.


Recently in the past month, I was with some yogis who are so advanced that the kundalini yoga which we do with breath infusion is not practiced by them and still they are more advanced than the realizations which we have about the kundalini on this side. They do not have to curb kundalini because they do not have a kundalini in the subtle body. They eliminated the need for it.


While I was with these person and just before I left the dimension where they reside, Yogi Bhajan appeared but he was coming from a higher dimension into their dimension to talk to me. After greeting, I said this to him.


It is quite surprising that you are here because generally on earth, people have no idea of your location. They certainly cannot imagine that you are living in these places.


After this he began to say that I should meet him in one of those places hereafter. He had something else to day but my subtle body did not have enough energy from that higher place, to remain there any longer. Yogi Bhajan took an usual action to project what he had to say downwards into lower astral vibrations from which I retrieve what he wants to discuss. It has to do with meeting certain students who need help with practice on the physical side.



However it is not a good idea to be lax with the practice. One should not think that I will be around astrally to help hereafter. I cannot guarantee that I will be on a particular level where I could be reached. The best thing is to tighten the grip on the practice and not skip out now and then.


Ask yourself this question:

Why should Mi~Beloved care if a student does not make it and finds himself or herself to be in an undesirable condition hereafter?



Nothing amiss or unusual will happen, because you are already familiar with birth and death. It is your natural condition currently. So what is the fuss if you have to recycle through a woman’s body again? Nothing will run away. Everything will go on as usual. Everything is contained. Nothing will disappear.