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Yogi Completion of Practice
Posted on January 09, 2017

During a session of breath-infusion, I had a visitor, Sir Paul Castagna, who is now deceased. He remarked that he could not find anyone who was as far along in the yoga practice as I was. He remarked that there were some astral yogis whom he visits who say that they expect that I might complete the austerities before I leave the body. They were concerned about that.


I replied mentally to him that there is only one reason why they should be concerned which is that if they intend to meet me hereafter or to have me play a part in their practice after I must leave the physical system, then if I complete the practice prior it may mean that I will not see them.


Sir Paul then said that he too had the same concern because otherwise how would he get instructions about the advanced practice, if I am not present on the astral level where they are located.


I said to him,


They should not be afraid. At the rate of my progress it is not likely that I will not complete what is required for a full transfer to chit akash. Have you spoken to Srila Yogeshwarananda? At least speak to a great yogi about this and get his view. My opinion is that I will not finish the austerities. This is a judgement based on how I am treated by the fate thus far in this life. If those other yogis want to worry about this, let them, but rest assure that I will help you somehow if I am present or not.