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Yogi Bhajan Instructs the Student
Posted on July 14, 2017

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Date:  Posted 5 years before Jul 14, 2017


MiBeloved 5 years ago

During practice this morning I had two yogi gurus present during the breath infusion. These were Srila Yogeshwarananda and Yogi Bhajan. It appears that Yogesh told Yogi Bhajan to check my practice.


Yogi Bhajan 


Yogi Bhajan was of the view that my bhastrika pranayama practice is not tight enough. Tight here means not as efficient in distilling the stale energy out of the subtle body and installing fresh energy.


After a short while Yogesh went away. Yogi Bhajan then began to instruct me. Mostly he instructed for a longer session of practice and more infusion into the system during each posture. In one posture he gave me a count of 30 to be said mentally while breathing without the breathing being counted. Then he said a count of 150. That longer count I did not reach because after about 60, the lungs were just not taking in any air even though the breathing was being done.  The lungs are rebellious on occasion and do not cooperate.


When this happens one should stop the rapid breathing on an exhale, hold the locks and then resume the breathing either in a different posture or in the same posture.


Sometimes there are arguments among yoga gurus. One yoga guru will tell the other, ‘This is my disciple. Please go away. Find your own chelas (students). Why do you bother my son? Do you not have children? Get a wife if you want kids. Stay away from him.”


Then sometimes it is like this. “Do not say that he is my disciple, I do not have any retarded people in the ashram. My disciples are top class. We do not have any fallen people in our sect. Take him with you. He looks as if he is your son because his left eye is defective and so is yours. Like father like son.”


In that away yoga gurus will joke over a common disciple who they both instruct in particular kriyas.


I usually assume a tight lotus in the meditation which is immediately after breath infusion practice. This morning during the breath infusion, Yogi Bhajan instructed me to use a tight lotus with a straight spine to do bhastrika at the end. This allows the yogi to focus on the spine and brain. However it is best to do the bhastrika in other postures first and then at the end do this sitting in tight lotus if you can assume that posture.


unlimitedsun 5 years ago

This is bit up there ain't no comedy central, but still humor rocks! I say sweet go for it masters!