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Yoga Siddha Body Creation
Posted on July 16, 2017

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Date:  Posted 5 years before Jul 16, 2017


MiBeloved 5 years ago

Breath Infusion practice this morning was great. I managed to comply with Tibeti Yogi’s request for getting the bottom of the subtle trunk cleared out of all polluted old air energy. Instead of being dense and heavy down there, it was light and transparent.


The preliminary and necessary first step in infusion is to push air down from the lungs to the navel and then push further to the groin area, then build up a charge there which arcs over to the base chakra.


However this other more advanced practice is when the navel and groin area are reformed sufficiently so that there are no blocking of the infused energy in these areas. To do this successfully one should have mastered the downward push through the navel previously.


In this practice the air is pushed down into the groin area targeting the organs which generate reproductive fluids. Basically what happens is whatever is digested goes downwards to form reproductive fluids. These are then used to generate more bodies in the species, and also to give sex pleasure to the would-be parents.


Air thrust to reproductive organs 


In this practice the air is thrust downwards from the lungs directly to the reproductive organs. It then diffuses that energy and more infusion causes that diffused energy to be pulled up into the brain. This is a direct method as compared to the other method which is to cause the sexually charge energy to hit muladhara and then to move up the spine with the kundalini consuming that sexual charge.


As one masters this direct practice from the throat down in slanted direction to the reproductive organs, it switches and one begins to see that there is a clear space between the brain and the reproductive area.


In the Taoist system it is said there is a cauldron down in the reproductive area. This is called a kanda in yoga parlance. The yogi by breath infusion causes the stored energy in the reproductive area to vaporize on the subtle plane, then it is pulled up into the head of the subtle body.


Kundalini fired several times during practice, mostly in the trunk of the subtle body. It did once and very noticeably fired from the chest upwards through the neck and into the face, into each cheek. This felt like tingling ice crystals in the cheeks. This is different to when kundalini fires through the spine and then moves through the neck into the head.


What is the value of such practice?


Ah! It has to do with getting every part of the subtle body to have clarified high quality energy.  And that is the secret to creating a yoga siddha body to replace the pleasure seeking subtle form.


Yoga siddha bodies are not awarded by the yogi-guru or the deity. The yogi has to work with his subtle form as it is and change it into being a yoga siddha form.