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When kundalini hits
Posted on July 15, 2017

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Date:  Posted 5 years before Jul 15, 2017


unlimitedsun 5 years ago

As a neophyte I have fallen to the ground upon applying the locks once the bodies have been sufficiently charged. In those instances I am "falling out", "blanking out" on account of the intensity of the "fire" or loose, improperly applied locks?


MiBeloved 5 years ago

Kundalini Black-out/White-out:

Each person is given a kundalini when that particular limited spiritual entity enters this material creation from the causal level of existence. This kundalini occurs automatically and it is matched to the particular soul. Because it is matched, it has the exact amount of energy which is required by that spirit for operations in the material creation, but this includes the gross and subtle material creation.


It is a psycho-electric-electronic system of energy. If however a part of it malfunctions, then there will be upsets or even shortages, just as if in an electric system if too much current enters a particular circuit, the current might burn up the components.


When kundalini rises suddenly with full force and enters the spine, it will usually course though the spine, penetrate the neck and then enter the brain. This occurs on two planes simultaneously. It happens physically and also in the subtle body.


If a forceful high charge of kundalini energy hits the psychic organs in the head of the subtle body, then the entity will experience a black-out or a light-out. A black-out is when the entity just feels a loss of consciousness after a blank space in awareness. This might be a grey or dark space or just a blank colorless space. A light-out is when the entity feels or senses a bright light or a shimmering light or a golden effulgence and then loses objective awareness for some seconds, after which awareness is resumed.


Just recently Sir Paul filed a complaint about giving information which cannot be verified by anyone and which people do not normally experience in meditation. His idea is good but I still cannot explain these matters with just information from normal experience.


Kundalini does not directly hit the spirit. And it does not directly hit the sense of identity, which is known as ahamkara (sense of I-ness) in Sanskrit. Kundalini hits the analytical orb or buddhi organ, jnana-dipah (jnana-chakshu). If it hits that organ with too much force, then the entity will lose objective consciousness because it so happens that right now the entity, though a spiritual person, is dependent on the analytical orb for objectivity.


Why does it happen that the kundalini is not matched perfectly to the orb, so that kundalini cannot overpower or trip the current breaker of the orb? The answer to this question is simply that the kundalini is matched to the individual psyche as a whole and not just to one component.


So usually in a house in the developed countries, there is a 100 amp breaker. But usually there is no single component in the house which could use 100 amps without burning up. So why did the electrical engineers establish 100 amps as the upper limit of household current?


The reason obviously is that the subtotal current need will be about 100 amps. But if somehow that 100 amps runs through any single component, it will fry the circuits. The breaker will trip and will have to be reset.


The full power of kundalini should not reach the analytical orb but if it does, then there will be a black-out or a light-out. Then the breaker will be reset and things will resume as normal after some seconds usually. As soon as the kundalini force drops back in its surge the buddhi analytical orb will be reset again and the person will be conscious but will know that something went amiss since there was a gap in the continuity of objective consciousness.


Sir Paul thinks that since no one can perceive the orb besides me, then I should not talk about it, but I must, just as a physician will tell you things about what is going on in your brain even though you cannot objectively verify such things yourself by cutting open your own brain. It just cannot be done and still you accept the authority of the physician but you find it hard to swallow what I explain. That is okay.


If when doing the exercises, one does the locks efficiently, then there will be no black-out or light-out, because the locks will control the current flow of kundalini in such a way as to limit how much of its power flows to the analytical orb. Thus the orb will become infused but not to the extent of being put out of commission as the chief perception organ.


In this respect, just recently Rishi Singh has given me some clarification on this issue. He said the following which is really the answer to your inquiry:




Kundalini is matched to the psyche. It is the total power required to operate the individual psyche. But what is the psyche? Is it just the individual spirit alone? Is it the spirit plus other psychic components?


A yogi should be sure to make kundalini become distributed throughout the entire psyche, not just a part of it, not just the head.


Due to sexual pleasure, there is this stubborn idea that one should climax energy for pleasure and so this idea has to be removed, so that the entire psyche has well-being and not just one part of it like the sexual organs or the head.




The locks restrict the flow of kundalini. When these locks are mastered the yogi can regulate kundalini's flow so that it does not over-power the analytical orb.


Later with more advancement in practice, one does not rely on the locks in this way but instead use the locks to cause kundalini to go to other parts of the psyche. That gives the result of even distribution of the infused energy all over the psyche and since kundalini is a match to the entire psyche, there is no black out or white out. Instead there would be light-outs in the head and light-ins in the other parts of the body.


Everything hinges on a steady practice. One advances in that way. The subtle body has to go through an evolution for certain things to become evidence.


The main reason for black-outs and white-outs is the location of the analytical orb and its relationship to the self. The self is surrounded by an energy field which is the sense of identity (ahamkara). This is mistakenly called the false ego or the ego by many people who have no idea that there are psychic organs in the subtle body.


Around the sense of identity is the intellect or analytical orb.


Kundalini hits the orb and if it hits it with too much power then the orb goes out of commission because it has a breaker which trips. Then the self experiences that as a white-out or black-out usually.


As soon as kundalini subsides, then the orb gets its act together and the person resumes the normal state of awareness. This happens because the orb has a sensor system which causes it to resume operation as soon as kundalini drops to a certain level.


A question arises as to why the core-self suffers a consciousness black -out if the orb is hit, the answer to that is that the core-self cannot perceive anything in material existence without the orb. If you remove the orb, then the core self will become like nothing as if it did not exist, at least until you reconnect the orb to the core-self again.


Of course these things are way beyond the power of the self, unless it can become proficient in the Patanjali samadhis.


People think that the self is a big wig and that it has all this autonomy and rights and so on, but actually these assessments of the self should be reviewed.


unlimitedsun 5 years ago

Thank you for the detailed and in-depth reply. Now, are the tingling sensations throughout the body during or after bastrika related to kundalini rising in other parts of the body? When kundalini rises to other parts of the body, is the mechanism the very same as when it does to the head?


MiBeloved 5 years ago

The psyche as it is right now is not one homogenous whole. It is one psyche for sure but within it there is great diversity, both in the physical system and the astral body. This means then that the experiences had when kundalini enters the brain or the subtle head, will not be the same as when it enters other parts of the psyche which has different components.


For example if kundalini rises into the toes of the right foot for instance there will never be a black-out or white-out because there is no psyche component in that part of the body which does the service to the psyche which is rendered by the analytic orb which is in the head.


The core self is more indirectly connected to the toes, then it is to the head.


Thinking occurs in the head not in the toe and for this reason when kundalini penetrates the toe it will feel just as it would be if kundalini enters any other part of the body which has similar components to those in the toes.


Both the brain in the physical system and the mind in the astral body have completely different materials as compared to the rest of the body. The grey matter found in the brain is only found in small bits elsewhere in the spine only and in no other part of the trunk.


Even though one generator might run the electrical gadgets in a house, we see that when the power enters a computer, we can see on a screen, while when it enters into say, a power drill, we see some metal spinning. If the psyche was homogenous, all one and the same all over, we would not see this variation.


The tingling sensation is the typical feeling when kundalini goes into other parts of the body, like the tendons, muscles and other types of flesh even most of the organs in the chest of the body.


There might also be visions of light of varying colors when this occurs.


Dean 5 years ago

Michael wrote:

If a forceful high charge of kundalini energy hits the psychic organs in the head of the subtle body, then the entity will experience a black-out or a light-out. A black-out is when the entity just feels a loss of consciousness after a blank space in awareness. This might be a grey or dark space or just a blank colorless space.


Dean's comment:

It has been 2 years and 1 month now since I have learned the pranayama exercises from Michael. I have tried to be consistent with my practice as much as my social obligations will allow me. Every morning for the last two years, I have risen from my bed with the intention of performing the exercises but of course our social obligations posed on us by material nature doesn't always allow us to carry out all our intentions.


I recall in Sept. '09, two months after learning the exercises. I experienced my very first black-out. I lost consciousness for at least a five seconds and was jarred back by an excruciating pain in my back. The physical body had fallen back onto a raised water drain on the roof of my building and I hit it directly in the small of my back. The pain was so horrible, I thought my back was permanently injured. Fortunately, it was not that bad and after a few weeks of applying cold and heat to the bruised area the body was ready to do pranayama again.  However, mentally I was extremely reluctant because the moment of when my back hit the drain continue to replay in my mind.


Eventually, I returned to doing my exercises and cleared every and anything in the vicinity.  Now two years later, my intention going into my daily pranayama sessions is to flush kundalini out from that base chakra seeking that black out experience. The black outs are only for a brief moment (usually 1-2 secs) and after I regain my objectivity, I immediately attack kundalini again infusing more breath to raise it into the head again. Often times I experience several black outs per session, these are my best sessions because I am able to meditate in silence for a good 10 - 15 mins with very little disturbance from the buddhi organ. Most of the time remaining very still at the back of the head while Naad is blaring in the distance.


unlimitedsun 5 years ago

Michael: Thank you for the inspiration and the insight.




Hello Dean,

Your experience with kundalini really is quiet instructional for me, and I want to inquire further from you.


Please converse on the following:

To what do you attribute your regular raising of kundalini? Would you say that it is due to your mastery of the discipline of Tai Chi? So much so that your channels are open and can freely accommodate the flow of kundalini. And, you have a deep internalization of the process as you practice based on your previous acquisition from Tai Chi?

Or, do you factly somehow (even instinctively) integrate elements of Tai Chi into your practice of Kryia?

Thank you for any insight.



Marcia Beloved 5 years ago

In addition to "black-outs" there may also be times when the body shakes or strongly quivers, due to kundalini trying to open blockages in the nadis.  This can happen while consciousness is still operating or during the time of "black-out".   I was warned to be careful with this, due to a risk of bodily stroke.  I was  advised not to force kundalini downward recklessly, but to focus on the application of the locks while carefully gauging the degree to which I attempted to push kundalini.


Surya, my advice to you, is to be very steady in your practice but don't look for quick, sensational results.  Nadis are being opened when you practice, even though you may not have the vision to see it happening.  Be deliberate and careful in whatever practice you do.  If you do it properly and thoroughly, the results will be long-lasting.  Sometimes, getting a quick result just leads to frustration because one is not able to maintain oneself at that level.


As Dean described his experiences, it seems to me that at a certain point, he figured this out.  He cleared the external environment of obstacles.  Because of the injury to his back and fear of another mishap, he learned to have a vigilant mental stance.  Kundalini is like a wild, unbroken horse.  It has the ability to harm you indiscriminately until you become skilled in practice.


One needs a steady practice, a controlled technique, and acute mental alertness.  Then stuff happens, but keep in mind that for each individual, progress expresses itself through different experiences and even in different sequence.  What is experienced by another person won't necessarily happen to you in the same way, nor would it necessarily benefit you at your current stage, which is NOT NECESSARILY HIGHER OR LOWER THAN OTHERS.


If you think Tai Chi might be helpful, the next step is to try it and observe the effect it has on your current practice.


Whatever you do, keep track of what is happening in your body and in your psyche.  Use yourself, your own practice and the knowledge you have learned from teachers, as your reference point. 


unlimitedsun 5 years ago

Dear Marcia,

You have used much wisdom and maturity if I may say so. And indeed I should prioritize safety and caution in order to protect my practice and advancement. I want to make efforts in-spite of my tendencies to pace myself more and be more vigilant. Thank you for your encouragements always.



Dean 5 years ago

Surya wrote:

To what do you attribute your regular raising of kundalini? Would you say that it is due to your mastery of the discipline of Tai Chi? So much so that your channels are open and can freely accommodate the flow of kundalini. And, you have a deep internalization of the process as you practice based on your previous acquisition from Tai Chi?

Or, do you factly somehow (even instinctively) integrate elements of Tai Chi into your practice of Kryia?


Dean's answer:

Surya, these are all very good questions. Although, in this life I am just recently reconnecting with my previous life yoga practice. I have been doing Tai-Chi in this life for 17-18 years now. As you may know, Tai-Chi does require an intense amount of mental focus, so I would have to say "yes" it has helped me to focus internally while doing the pranayama exercises.  However, I still consider myself to be in the neophyte stages with regards to my tai-chi and pranayama practice because I have not yet developed the psychic insight to see the effects of my spiritual practice. However, I cannot be totally ignorant either, I realize that having these experiences so soon after consistently doing my spiritual practice in this life, must mean that I have done this in previous lives, and although I cannot recall or prove that I have done it. If I continue to consistently practice, I will have proof soon enough. I hope this helps you.


unlimitedsun 5 years ago

Dean thank you very much for answers and inspiration.


Jettins 5 years ago

Thanks to you for your thanks an hour ago unlimitedsun, I nearly miss some great posts.


unlimitedsun 5 years ago

I guess it had to happen. Cool stuff.