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Up-draw Practice / Kundalini
Posted on April 16, 2018

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Date:  Posted 5 years before Apr 16, 2018


MiBeloved 5 years ago

Apart from the standard push down of the infused energy while doing breath infusion as kapala bhati or bhastrika or any other type of breathing which effectively targets kundalini without fail, one may do an up-draw practice which is really part of the higher stage of kundalini practice.


Initially one has to work with the breath so as to push down the breath energy through the front part of the lower trunk. Then when the infused energy accumulates sufficient charge, it arcs across to muladhara base chakra.




There is another way to do this which is used on the advanced stage of practice, which is to lift up the infused energy which mixes with the hormonal energy in the psyche. This uplift method works after the nadis are for the most part cleared of heavy astral energy by a consistent practice.


To do this the same infusion breathing is done but with a mental pull up attitude which draws up any charged force which occurs during the breathing. These charged forces occur in the trunk of the subtle body. As soon as they are detected the yogi pulls them up with the breath infusion into the head of the subtle body.


In this way there is no buildup of energy in the trunk of the subtle body. The reproduction hormones and that intention of the cells concerns, is dissipated and the yogi loses interest in the sex drive. Instead there develops an interest in the brahmarandra chakra which is the crown chakra of the head. Pleasure is sought after even at this stage but it is not sex pleasure. It is the pleasure of sheer existence, brahmananda.