Two Yogis curse one another (Viewed 134 times)
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Two Yogis curse one another
Posted on April 20, 2017

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Date:  Posted 5 years before Apr 20, 2017


MiBeloved 5 years ago

During practice this morning as I was working on a kriya given mostly by a Buddha Deity in South Korea and by Rishi Singh Gherwal, Siddha Swami Muktananda came and showed me a small detail which is a part of the same kriya. These are end of life kriyas used by yogis when they are threatened by providence with death of the body.


If the yogi has run out of time and cannot attain the siddha state before leaving the body, then he has to hurry up and set his subtle body in such a way, that he can continue the practice after leaving the body. More or less right now that is my condition.


Basically I went to Guyana around 2003 to do end-of-life austerities, but providence acted in several ways to ruin that plan, so now I am rolling around like a stone which cannot find a place to settle as it moves down hill with a rumbling sound.


The only thing to do now is to be sure that my subtle body is not magnetized to take another embryo soon after the death of the physical system and to do this, I have to change the direction of the attractive force in the subtle body. Usually this force is attracted to sex facility and to hormonal fat energy. By that attraction one is again pulled back into a mother’s uterus soon after leaving the physical form.


For some reason, Swami Muktananda showed up this morning and said this:


Crush the light! Compress the light there! Don’t worry about getting the light to there!”


Soon after this within seconds Yogi Bhajan showed up and immediately Swami Muktananda said this, “He said he was a better yogi. He said he was a master of kundalini. Did he ever show any of his disciples that? He did not know of it.”


And Yogi Bhajan said this, “What do you know about what I know? Disciples are not shown every last detail. We leave room for others. We are not like you. We do not covet disciples.”


After this they left. Regarding if this was just a jest or not it is hard to tell. Sometimes mahayogins go at it. As a disciple I am not concerned. But there might be a serious side to this., who know? Why care about it?


Anyway here is an elaboration of the instruction from Swami Muktananada:


The infused energy which is built up in the lower part of the body below the navel should be crushed or pushed down into the lower part of the body in the lower part of the trunk of the body. It should be compressed there and not be permitted to rise up the spine.


This instruction is against the usual process of raising kundalini. Swami Muktananda told me in a mental message afterwards that this is a secret kriya coming from Chaurangi a great siddha master who is long deceased.


This technique was also known to some Tibetan Masters.


Once the yogi infuses the lower trunk of the body and the energy there in the subtle form turns into light energy (light as in sunlight). Then the yogi should put a downward pressure on that energy to compress it into the lower part of the trunk of the subtle body. As this is done the yogi will notice that the light energy is being compressed and the rays of light there are getting shorter and shorter.


In kundalini practice, usually the effort is to raise the energy through the spine into the brain but there Muktananda gave a contrary advice which is to not let the energy go up the spine but to compress it downward, forcing the light to become shorter and shorter and more intense in the lower part of the subtle body.




Swami Muktananda did speak into my head this:


As far as kundalini is concerned getting it into the head is a basic requirement for yogis, but in the advanced stage that is not such a big deal. Then one has to tackle the other parts of the psyche which will if not purified, cause the yogi to take another body haphazardly.


Yogi Bhajan is okay. His system is valid. It is just that he used to criticize me thus I took that opportunity to curse him out. It is nothing serious.




Nath Sidhha Chaurangi


Arp 5 years ago

What are the end-of-life austerities that should be performed so that one does not take another body after death? If a person has sincerely practiced pranayam and meditation throughout adult life until death, then that should help him after death, and hereafter, right?


MiBeloved 5 years ago

Arp query:

What are the end-of-life austerities that should be performed so that one does not take another body after death?


MiBeloved’s Response:

The end of life austerities are those which would cause kundalini to leave the body through one of the head chakras. Usually kundalini leaves through base chakra or the sex chakra or the navel chakra. When it does this, the spirit has to follow it to a lower plane in the astral world.


If kundalini is trained to come up into the head before death, and if that has become its habit then the yogi would go to a higher plane, and by that the yogi might avoid a haphazard rebirth.




Arp query:

If a person has sincerely practiced pranayama and meditation throughout adult life until death, then that should help him after death, and hereafter, right?


MiBeloved’s Response:

This is true but it is not a specific thing because it would depend on what pranayama and meditation that person performed and as to the effectiveness of the practice.


For instance in Christianity, there are statements guaranteeing heaven in the hereafter with Christ, provided the person accepts Christ as Lord and Savior etc. The same type of guarantee is offered by other religions like Islam in relation to the Prophet Muhammad and in Hinduism many sects offer similar guarantees in relation to Shiva, or Krishna or Devi.


But this is different, because one person might sincerely practice pranayama and meditation and still end up being trashed hereafter. So whatever the yogi does, it is only good in so far as it was an effective method which upgraded his or her psyche.


A person might spend a lifetime using an inefficient method and he or she might have been sincere and still that person may get a low grade result after death. Sincerity alone is no guarantee. The method of pranayama and meditation has to be effectively yielding of elevation, then we can vouch for it.