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Trunk Infusion Kundalini
Posted on July 14, 2017

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Date:  Posted 5 years before Jul 14, 2017


MiBeloved 5 years ago

During breath infusion there was hardly any firing of kundalini spark energy into the head of the subtle body. Most of it was in the trunk of the form. This is because of the influence of Tibeti Yogi and some demands made by Srila Yogeshwarananda.


I can verify now that working on the trunk of the body is not a waste of time. It does cause desirable effects in meditation in the head of the subtle form. The reason for this is as follows:


The system of the subtle head which is usually called the mind of the person and the trunk which usually concerns the kundalini and the emotional self of the person, are intimately related to such a degree that if the trunk of the subtle body is polluted, progress made in clearing the head will be foreshowed by the pollution in the trunk.


There is a continuous exchange of energy and influence of the two areas. Thus if one is neglected the other will have the effects of that neglect. In fact the way the psyche is designed, a person will pay attention to the head mostly because the head is where the thinking, planning component is located. By necessity one has to pay attention to that in a world where wheeling and dealing are a must.


In the first part of kundalini yoga, the student has to be concerned with getting kundalini into the head. That is the general objective. But later after that is mastered so that kundalini rises each day during practice into the head in a definite way, the student should give some importance to causing kundalini to spread out in the trunk of the body, to be aroused  there.


I was able to cause kundalini to spark out as well in the end of the thigh bone which is at the knee. This is an important area. At first one has to conquer the pubic area and then one can attack the thigh area where the thigh is connected into the pubic area. Then one can move down into the middle of the thigh and then at last to where the thigh connects with the knee.


Kundalini spark in the thigh bone 


Confiscating kundalini’s hold on the sexuality of the body is a must for anyone who wants to become a siddha. It is a joke to think one can reach siddha status without complete conquest of the sexuality of the subtle body. It is just not going to happen without that, regrettably.