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Time Banner
Posted on October 06, 2017




About Time


Looking just like a drop in the ocean one second after the event,


Seeming as tiny as a scientific planck unit, however also infinite.


Yet, a noumenon in itself for belonging beyond its own concept,


Along its undulation, existence is made real and then de-existed.


To the grandeur of the human it's the walls of real incarceration,


For His Lordship another tool in hand, so some may transcend.




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Time is flat and disc shaped, I like it.
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Response from LinkedIn:


Joseph Andrianne One basic of our usual reality. 
Without it, no existence, except for virtuality i.e. non-reality, no potentiality.
With it, plenty forms of existence invade space. 
When time varies, the forms of space distort alike. 
So time keeps mastering everything, even its equal master, except for under nano dimentions, where time reigns here and elsewhere, on one ... and common instant. At the fringe of our reality ...
Being their slaves, we dared not try and understand them, except since some years ago, when scientists began to explore a fora.
But there, I am not sure to understand anything. Too strong a beer for me !