Thought Reception from Unknown People (Viewed 125 times)
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This discusses thought projection not thought creation. Thoughts which are created in an individual’s mind may not be projected beyond it. In addition such thoughts might be impulsively created by the adjuncts in the psyche with the core-self as a mere observer if any. Energy of the core is involved in any created thought but the core-self may have no idea that it invested in the creation. This is similar to the use of modern credit cards where someone might use another’s card without the holder knowing about it, and where the holder will be charged the amount of money expended and may or may not realize he or she was charged.


For all the core-self is, it is mostly being used in thought operations with and without its permission. Mostly when it gives permission it does so under the influence of an adjunct and not independently or deliberately. The core likes to portray itself as a big Whig, as a creator, as a motivator and the like, but when examined closely, it is discovered that the self is not much of anything besides being a utility of the adjuncts. Instead of being a free consumer who has unlimited funds to spend, it is a taxed citizen who must supply energy for the operations of the adjuncts, even when such operations are not in its favor and even when it recognizes that the operations are not in its interest.


I wrote this post to share another spectacle of my life. Sharing such information may bring bad feelings and resentment from others but I feel compelled to do so for the benefit of those few persons who could use the information to upgrade meditation and gain truths about the self.


It is regular and it occurred now for many years that I become aware of some thoughts of an unknown person who is very friendly with me and whose thoughts are transferred into my head. This person is unknowing only in the context of the present life but was known to me in past lives. Presently this person does not know me physically and has not met my physical body, and yet, thought come from that person on and on, just as if that person knew me physically in this life for many years.


How does this happen?


Based on energy of relationship with that person in a past life, that person’s psyche sends out thoughts patterns at random. Such thoughts are parceled out and broadcaster in the psychic atmosphere. There such thoughts reach various people concerned who were related in a past life or who are related also in the present life and in past lives.



The person from whom these thoughts arise does not know that the thoughts reach other persons from a past life, but that person feel relieved when the thoughts are broadcaster. In turn, the unknown person from the past life, myself or someone other person, after receiving such thoughts, respond to them both mentally and emotionally. That response is then projected back to the person from who the thoughts originated, this in turn gives relieve to the original broadcaster.