The Lady I met in the Astral (Viewed 14 times)
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The Lady I met in the Astral
Posted on November 07, 2018

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Date:  Posted 6 years before Nov 07, 2018


MiBeloved 6 years ago

Last night in the astral world I found myself with a woman whom I knew when my body was growing up in South America over 45 years ago. That was when the body was around 13 years of age. This person was about 5 or 6 years my senior. I knew this person because she was a member of the church the family I was born in supported.


I have not seen this lady in over 40 years but some years ago I got a sudden phone call from this person, after she procured my phone number from a relative. At the time she inquired about my situation and wanted me to fill her on everything I did. She said she was anxious to see me and wanted to travel to where I was at the time.


I got scared stiff because I suspected that some energy wanted to jump from her psyche to mine and as a yogi, this is not desired.


In the sex you! book I explained how the ancestors jump from one person to another, through sex energy transfers and I felt that this would happen if I met this lady. Lucky for me her astral form could not find me astrally at the time because she did not have a definite psychic link.


Now last night all that changed and I found myself with the lady and she began to approach me in a romantic way. I was getting real scared. I thought to myself, “You are finished. You are breakfast, lunch and dinner all in one. She will eat you up.”


But just then a few elderly people manifested in the room in which we were in. Both of them were invalids on beds, like people in an institution for the aged. One of them a man could not move his body but he had a smile on his face. His eyes were bright and he asked for help.


I used that as an excuse and turned away from the lady. Needless to say, she was disappointed that this happened but I managed to escape from that astral place.


So why is this happening at this stage of my practice, now that I am trying to reach a yoga siddha energy level? Obviously desires in the psyche of people do not give up. They might go dormant but then in dormancy they actually grow slowly and develop a potency to command circumstances in their favor.


This lady had a desire and even though I was not supportive of it, still it exerted a power over my subtle form. It was only because she must be in some kind of job caring for the elderly, wherever she is, that I was given a chance to escape. Those elderly persons had desires to be cared for by her and so their desire interrupted us or I would have been toast by now, my yoga practice having been disrupted.


The whole thing, just to remember it, is frightening, like when you are in a metal foundry and then a piece of the molten metal drops and it misses your arm by a fraction. It could have burnt your arm off but you were lucky.


So then you hurry up, get your senses together and leave that dangerous place.