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Talking with a Deceased Yoga-guru
Posted on July 17, 2017

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MiBeloved 5 years ago

Breath Infusion this morning was guided by Yogi Bhajan. In a discussion with him I asked why he did not leave books with detailed descriptions of many of the kriyas, since these are subtle processes and there is no way for a student to figure these methods.


Yogi Bhajan 


He said this,


“Some yogi’s write. Some do not. There is no other reason. I will use you to do the writing for me. I am already dead and gone anyway. During the time when I had the body, I got caught up with disciples, especially when I first went to America.


“With disciples there is no time to focus on your personal sadhana. You spend so much time managing that you do not think about the necessity for leaving books behind. There was an effort but it fizzed out. Some disciples had planned to set up a press and publish that type of information but it turned out that we did some diagrams and then it was workshop after workshop, intensives and so on. We lost the focus.


“That is the result of having many disciples and becoming popular. The whole focus changes and one cannot be methodical at writing as you are. Anyway you can write whatever it is for me. Thanks in advance.”




I then said to him, “You do not know that I will write it. I could be dead tomorrow. But in the mean time I will jot down anything and keep notes at least. Students will not be able to know these tiddly widdly details. They are not that sensitive. If it is mentioned to them, if it is shown and if they practice, then if they have an insight during practice, they will be able to make sense of it, not otherwise.”


He replied, “That may or may not be true but irrespective, I will let you worry about it. I am no longer there as the teacher. You are not advertising yourself as the teacher, because no one has cursed you to be a lineage guru. So you are lucky in that way. Then you have time to write. All of your teachers depend on you.”


“A student who is advanced and who is not assigned as the accursed lineage Guru figurehead, is the right person to stay tight with personal sadhana and make notes. So that is you”