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Tai Chi / Kriya Yoga
Posted on February 16, 2017

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MiBeloved 6 years ago

Tai Chi / Kriya Practice


Tai Chi Practice


Tai Chi practice in so far as it concerns controlling, coordinating and regulating the external environment in the gross and subtle existence is dissimilar to kriya yoga. But there is a part of tai chi practice from the Tao tradition which is similar to kriya and is in fact identical to it.


Each of these disciplines gives certain results to the student. It is only important that one understands what one is aiming for; otherwise one will get into useless arguments over methods, procedures and philosophies.


If the objective is to harmonize with the physical and/or subtle environment, then the matter ends there. There is no argument. If the objective is to adjust the inner psyche regardless of the harmonious or disharmonious external subtle or gross environment, then the matters end there.


Each of these objectives is valid but obviously the methods will be different and the focus of the student will be different.


The attitude of the kriya practice is that the external environment has nothing to do with it. No one can permanently alter it. These environments are preset with certain advantages and disadvantages which physicists call chaos. This only means that for our purposes these environments require re-arrangements for our convenience. This rearrangement, if it is achieved in a small way, is called localized order.


Because we are spiritual pigmies, spiritual dwarfs as it were, we imagine becoming spiritual cosmic giants but that objective eludes us every step of the way, and the truth is there is already a cosmic consciousness and we cannot neither permanently become it or permanently replace it, even though we do from time to time become attuned to it, and then indulge ourselves with the idea that we are It.


Currently we are not in a position to create wholesale order or cosmic order for our satisfaction but we can on a small planet in a small galaxy out in a dark corner of the Milky Way create some localized order by our definition. Thus in kriya practice the student concludes after careful consideration that to produce wholesale order is an impractical objective. He or she therefore strives to bring order within the individual psyche.


When this happens one individual, and one individual alone, is liberated and the external environments are no longer considered to be a disturbance for that person because his or her focus on it is removed, because that focus is lifted and is placed on the internally-reachable environments, what happens in the externally-reachable world has no value. The existence or non-existence of the externally reachable worlds becomes for that one person, irrelevant.


Their chaos or order, war or peace has no impact to that person. It is ludicrous to think that a small somebody on a tiny planet out in a dark corner of a nothing-galaxy out in the middle of a physically-cold and sparsely-lit universe will make an impact or will become harmonious with the external environment which is seen outside of the physical body.


Do you really want to become harmonious with an absolute zero temperature universe in which a few tiny lights shine here and there, lights which are lethal to the body you are presently using?


Well if that is your objective then that is okay! But Kriya yoga is not concerned with it. It is concerned with the dimensions which are outside the psychology, the psyche. The obsession we have with the environment which outside of the physical body is transferred to the environments which are outside the subtle psyche. And just as you can peer outside the physical body and see the stars in the sky or the city lights at night, so we aspire to peer outside the psyche to see the various subtle dimensions. From the perspective both the kriya yogi and others are quite similar.


Dean 6 years ago

Thanks for the alerting us to the distinction.  For 17 years of this life I have studied a rare form of Old style Yang (Lao Yang) Tai-Chi Chaun, Hsing I Chaun and Pakua Chaun transmitted from a particular Taoist lineage. Interestingly, my intuitive nature tells me that I have carried this ancient wisdom for many lives now.  However it is only now, in conjunction with my kriya and kundalini yoga practices that I am in the process of recalling the sophistication of the postures compared to other styles of Yang Tai Chi Chuan.