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Swami Rama / Agnisara
Posted on May 19, 2017

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MiBeloved 5 years ago

Swami Rama was again this morning praising the agnisara practice for the use of developing a yoga siddha body. I have put a link below where Ramadev Swami, another yogi who is using a body in India right now, demonstrates the essential practice. Please note how he exhales and squeezes out the air out of the lungs just before he begins the pumping of abdominal region. Then he does not inhale until he is done with one session, then he exhales again, squeezes down on the lung and begins again.


Please do not be misled by many videos and books which say this practice is for improved digestion and evacuation. That is only the side effects of this practice for kundalini yogis.


This is a masterful practice if you are interested in the legendary yoga-siddha body. In the first place this practice has to do with freeing up the navel chakra which is tied off at the time of the placenta of the mother being inoperative at delivery. During the fetal stage, my navel chakra was open to the world of my mother’s psyche but at delivery it closed to that world and it remained closed until I mastered agnisara practice.


I as an individual subtle body, fused into my mother’s psyche and began to look to her for sustenance. At first when this happens, I am mostly interested in the emotional energy of my mother but then soon after this emotional exchange developed into a physical reality when my sperm body from the father’s form became forcibly attracted to the uterine wall of my mother’s form. This attraction caused all of my mouth energies to adhere to my mother uterine wall. Then through that place where I adhered, I began to draw nutrients from the mother’s body.


Why bother with the agnisara practice?


The reason is that if the navel chakra in the front of the body (not the one on the spine) is not opened again, then it means that no matter what I do or think, I will again recycle effortlessly and without any resistance into another mother’s body.


Swami Rama gave me three diagrams which are below. Look at these:


Energy in the navel, groin, and thighs 


In the first diagram, the energy at the navel is spreading out with a limited range of about 3 inches away from the centre of the navel.


This is an undesirable condition for those who want to become siddhas. This is the ordinary lay out of the navel chakra in a human being.


In the second diagram we see that the lines which go downward are extended into and through the groin area. This is a desired condition for yoga but it is not the whole process. In this stage the choke-hold of the navel is somewhat broken, and the pubic area (sexual facilities) is under attack from the released energy from the navel chakra.


In the third diagram the energy passes through the groin area and penetrates into the thigh. This is the beginning of the third stage of conquest of the navel.


Swami Rama was there astrally as I was doing physical exercises this morning. He said this:




Agnisara must be mastered. It is best if a student can gain the required proficiency before passing from the physical body. This practice is wonderful. It will cause rapid progress. The student must achieve the groin-area break-through. And then it is easy to attack the thighs which are supportive of reproduction and sex desire. With the conquest of the thighs, the student can be a genuine brahmachari celibate. Without celibacy, there is no chance of riding through the higher astral regions with the siddhas.


Mind you there are many sexual allurements there but for the yogi who mastered agnisara and who carries that skill in the subtle body, those heavenly allurements do not even present themselves.


Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOD6o90I0_A

Video Title: Agnisar kriya (अग्निसार क्रिया) by Baba Ramdev