Surya Yoga Sadhana - Practice Panel - 12/15/2012 (Viewed 88 times)
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Sat. - 12/15/2012

Yoga-Breath of fire practice session:

Session was focused on the lower part of the body with a need of relatively more effort in the left thigh.


Life Force Energy:

Shift in practice: attempts at willing the energy downward versus soliciting it to rise as usual.

And attempts were made to maintain locks until the energy dissipates.

Efforts made to relax the neck muscle, against the stressors of life.


Compression was executed in a limited fashion, as attention/ will power followed the energy as it spread/ manifested, encouraging it to spread further, as well as shed insight/ light into the subtle body.

This insight/sight is done by self luminescence of prana!

One aspect of the compression is more about the trail of pain at this stage. Bringing about an increased control over the life force energy.


Mind focus: a dynamic and exerted process of observing and analyzing by the mind and intellect.

Attention was generally maintained at the back of the mind-space. When predominant activities were perceived from the buddhi organ, the self turned to accept the situation, and then returned focus to naad or the back of the head. However the sources of the thought formations could not be determined with any precision whatsoever.


It is also noted that focus was not sufficient to cause the attention to be totally absorbed in naad. The presence of the thought forming region, the intellect even when inactive was felt.

Naad immersion is insufficient to relocate both the self and the frequency source from the original position of the node to the frontal intellectually active zone.


Goals and Objectives–long term:

*Subtle body detection: looking down in the trunk more.

*Deepen connection with naad, the transcendental sound frequency.

*Integrate and practice distractive thought line annihilation method.


Book Readings:

The "Yoga Sutras" of Patanjali; Enlightenment in practical terms!


Subtle body ventures or interests recalled synopses/ retell:

Family associations.