Surya Yoga Sadhana - Practice Panel - 11/22/2012 (Viewed 58 times)
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Date:  Posted 5 years before Dec 07, 2017


unlimitedsun 5 years ago

Thurs. - 11/22/2012


Yoga-Breath of fire practice session:

Session was focused on the lower part of the body with a need of relatively more effort in the left thigh.


Life Force Energy:

Shift in practice: attempts at willing the energy downward versus soliciting it to rise as usual.


Compression was executed in a limited fashion, as attention/ will power followed the energy as it spread/ manifested, encouraging it to spread further, as well as shed insight/ light into the subtle body.

One aspect of the compression is more about the trail of pain at this stage.


Mind focus: a dynamic and exerted process of observing and analyzing by the mind and intellect.

There seems to be an altogether shift in the perception of the transcendental sound vibration, I am working to become more familiar with the change if it is actual and adjust to it.


Attempts were made to maintain locks until the energy dissipates, along with momentary deep breaths to increase breathing capability.

Bringing about an increased control over the life force energy.


Goals and Objectives –long term/ adjusted:

Subtle body detection: looking down in the trunk more.


Book Readings:

The "Yoga Sutras" of Pantajali; Enlightenment in practical terms!


Subtle body ventures or interests recalled synopses/ retell:

:-) ... I was a member of an African village, and there was a militia group coming through killing people on a rampage. It was horrendous...!

As of lately, I have followed enough news about war and killing that this seems to be a reenactment, an integration on the subtle side.



Still thinking, lest I stop imagining!