Student Yogis Resisting the Yoga-gurus (Viewed 114 times)
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Date:  Posted 5 years before May 18, 2017


MiBeloved 5 years ago

Yogeshwaranand gave me a few diagrams. These are basic:


Energy in the trunk and thighs 


Diagram 1 is the situation of a student yogi who has just accomplished a little in the breath infusion practice, where the infused energy goes down through the lungs past the navel, to the groin and then jumps to the kundalini at the base of the spine and courses upwards through the spine into the head.


Diagram 2 is the situation of a more advanced yogi, who makes the energy go down through the navel and then into the groin and then into the thighs and then coursing around the thighs it jumps to kundalini and goes up through the spine into the head.


Diagram 3 is the situation where the energy which is infused by rapid breathing is accumulated in the trunk of the body. Then it infuses into the two thighs as far as the knees.


Initially due to being hung up for sex pleasure and due to craving happiness, kundalini yoga practice bottoms out at raising kundalini to enjoy the bliss energy which arises from the awakened kundalini.


Later when the student matures, there is no need for sex reference for pleasure and then the yogi can really make some advancement.


Material nature gave the transmigrating individual self the lead on how to procure pleasure especially sex pleasure and so nearly everyone in these worlds craves it, but over time, that psychosis leaves the mind of the student.


Once the students gets free of the sex pleasure craving, there arises in the nature of the student a certain beneficial submissiveness to yoga-gurus and deities, otherwise the student keeps on resisting and thinking that he or she knows best.