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Split Subtle Body / Tibeti Kriya
Posted on September 13, 2017

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Date:  Posted 5 years before Sep 13, 2017


MiBeloved 5 years ago

During breath infusion I realized that Tibeti Yogi had left a small package of instructions for me and that after that there was a very tiny package wrapped in a small piece of paper which I was not to open as yet. This last package was about the size of about one inch square, wrapped in unprinted newsprint paper, tied with a silk cotton string.


The small package I opened today was fragrant with his energy. It was an instruction to do the splits. This means completely splitting the energies from either side of the body. You may have heard of the ida and pingala channels which run on each side of the sushumna nadi in kundalini configuration.  This process of Tibet is the destruction of that system with no sushumna nadi left to work with.


What happens here is that the energy configuration from the toes up to the torso maintains its integrity and does not join at the inner thighs where these thighs meet the torso. The location of the meet of course is the sexual and anal organs, particularly the sexual organs where most of the living entities become stymied because of the intense pleasure felt there.


Split Subtle Body OR Tibeti Kriya 


The sexual area has rightly confiscated the energy from the thigh bones which are the longest bones in a human body, but a yogi has to see what he can do to change this system.


Tibeti’s kriya for this is that you no longer allow the energy from the right thigh to merge with and fuse with that of the left thigh at the genitals. Instead the energy fuses at the crown chakra top of the head. This means that the energy does not mix or touch at any other points along the way from the toes to the crown.


AspiringSiddha 5 years ago

Doing the splits with breath-infusion will cause this?


MiBeloved 5 years ago

splits are not done, even though some yoga asanas are similar to split.


only the usual postures but the absorption  of kundalini and the removal or the survival portrait in the subtle body causes it.


notice that the first illustration is a sitting posture, easy pose, no split posture is used there.