Sex and a depressed kundalini (Viewed 149 times)
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Sex and a depressed kundalini
Posted on February 17, 2017

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Date:  Posted 6 years before Feb 17, 2017


MiBeloved 6 years ago

Chris Klevinger made a very interesting remark on a post concerning kundalini. It inspired me to write something about the relationship between kundalini’s sexual activities and its transcendental perception activities.


Here is her statement:

When I was young and having sexual relationships I found that on the days that I had sexual climaxes it usually weakened my kundalini experiences for that day, so I would make a choice between the two.


MiBeloved’s Response:

Kundalini takes energy from the physical and psychic hormone system in the body. This system is greatly taxed in formation of sexual fluids. Still, if we understand Nature’s view point that generation of bodies is the most important things, then we can understand why Nature has designed the psyche in such a way as to give most of its budget of hormonal energies to the sex function.


As it is, once puberty is developed in a body, that sexual system draws most of the hormone energy into the sexual area for the manufacture of sperm or ova. This is both a physical and a psychic reality.


Hence in sexual climax kundalini’s stockpile of hormonal energy will be greatly diminished. Such that little of the energy will be left for any other purpose. Kundalini will then have to stockpile more hormonal power again and that might take a day or two.


This system will suffer a depression if much energy is expressed in the sexual blast of energy in the genital area.


On the other hand if the kundalini’s energy is blasted into the head, one will not feel that depression but may otherwise feel an elation of energy. Nor is there a physical expression of fluids as in sexual climax.


Is this why Patañjali listed Brahmacarya or sexual celibacy while pursuing spiritual objectives, as a prerequisite of yoga?