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Sex Energy Lift
Posted on April 14, 2018

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Date:  Posted 5 years before Apr 14, 2018


MiBeloved 5 years ago

Lahiri Baba released in my psyche another procedure. This one may be called the pubic floor circular lift procedure. This is for causing the subtle body to be as close as possible to the supernatural bodies used by yogis who live in the world of Satyaloka, which is the place where the planetary creator-god, Brahma lives.


This is not the spiritual world but it is as close as anyone can get in the material world to the spiritual world. From our perspective right now, it may be regarded as the spiritual world because in comparison, this dimension is a dump ground, the junk yard of existence. Of course rats living in a junk yard might consider their situation to be heaven anyway


The idea of Satyaloka that we are concerned with, is the lifestyle in that heavenly world in regards to what is the main difference in the configuration of the subtle bodies used there.


How does a Satyaloka body act?


What are its sensual facilities?


What are its choice selections.


Can that body die?


If someone is lowered from that place to this dimension which is so dear and near to us, then what changes would one notice in that person’s subtle body as it transits down to this low frequency existence?


As a traveler who moved from a tropical country to the Arctic would require different clothing, provisions for heating his residence, factors which have no significance in native land, so a yogi who has it in his mind to ascend to the higher world, needs to know what he should do to change his psyche so that it becomes compatible to existence in that higher place.


The pubic floor circular lift procedure is where the sexual energy configuration of the subtle body of a person living on earth, is changed so that the energy which usually pools in that area and which is expended for sexual pleasure, is lifted from the pubic floor, up through the center of the trunk of the subtle body, through the neck and to the crown of the head, to the brahmarandra chakra.


The idea is for the yogi or yogini to enjoy sexual energy at the top of the head. So how will this be done because there is no sexual organ or reproduction apparatus at the top of the head? In fact what is the guarantee that if the energy is relocated there, it would yield the same desirable sexual pleasure? Nature designed the sexual facilities at the bottom of the trunk of the body and that is all well and good, because it utilizes the force of gravity which helps tremendously in pulling the energy down into the lowest part of the trunk.


Sex Energy Lift 


This procedure for the energy to be at the crown chakra is the opposite and is against the force of gravity. The yogi must work against these natural energies and their specific polarities and magnetism if he wants to go to the Satyaloka heavenly world of the local creator-god Brahma.


Can the yogi get used to the mild bliss force which this energy might manifest at the crown chakra? Or will the yogi find it to be unsatisfactory, thus causing him to return to the world of the humans who have the vulgar edge in this matter.