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Rectum in higher yoga
Posted on September 10, 2017

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MiBeloved 5 years ago

The rectum is very important in higher yoga because if it is not operating as it should, then it will cause the kundalini to be inefficient. It will make the kundalini remain glued to muladhara base chakra.


So what to do if you are in old age and the rectum has already malfunctioned beyond repair?


Well then you just have to live with it but realize what its best condition should be anyway. Perhaps then when you get the next body or in the afterlife, you might do something to change the behavior of this vital organ.


The rectum like the mouth is so important that to neglect it in higher yoga is a fool’s ways. The mouth is the entry gate and the rectum is the exit. If either of these malfunction we are in trouble. Of course we are more concerned with the mouth because it provides the pleasure of taste, the expression of speech and it helps with breathing as well. It even helps in the spectrum of sexual happiness.


The rectum?


Really, who cares about that most dirty part of the body?


In first steps to higher yoga, the rectum has importance because if the waste can get to it as quickly as possible and if it functions efficiently, it will collect the waste and propel that out of the body in a very efficient way.


Left to its own devices, the kundalini will operate the lower intestines and the rectum which is collectively called the bowels, by using apana energy. This means that the waste gases in the body (mostly carbon dioxide and other heavy gases) will be collected by the kundalini and used for operating some functions like expulsion of waste from the body and jettisoning sexual fluids out of it.


When the apana energy is efficiently eliminated from the body by doing bhastrika pranayama or any other effective pranayama method, then what?


Then how will the rectum operate? How will the bowels do their job efficiently?


If the queen of a palace dismisses her chamber maid, who will carry out the queen’s potty?


Obviously the queen will be in a fix because she is not familiar with menial tasks. She certainly does not want to handle stool not even her own.


What happens when a yogi pulls out the apana energy during breath infusion practice?


Then the pranic energy itself must do the evacuation process but that happens only if the yogi works at supplying enough of it. In the old natural system of letting the kundalini take the apana waste gases from cells and use it for evacuation, no extra effort is required. But in the yogic method of using fresh air to help with evacuation, that will only happen if that extra effort is applied doing much breath infusion and compressing that energy down into the trunk of the physical and the subtle bodies.


And then the evacuation will be very efficient. There will be less and less negative pranic energy in the subtle body which will cause that form to be filled with more and more light astral energy, which  in turn will enhance meditation and afford the yogi higher and higher supernatural perceptions.


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Re: Rectum in higher yoga
Reply #1 Posted on September 13, 2017

For such a queen it is imperative to make use of her higher sense of intelligence, in finding the solution: The play of psychic air types charged as CO2 (carbon dioxide) or just O2 (oxygen) and leveling in terms of quality and quantity as the air is introduced or infused in the bodies (both physical and psychic).


There is conjugation between the life force and the subtle air. She needs the insight to use this equation to her advantage. When the life force runs the controls, it relies on the natural presence of the type and quantity of air in the system. Determining the array of behaviors of the organs that are involved is part of the qualities of the air itself.


A relative increase in “apanic” air is put to benefit, made to be tolerated and appreciated by apana itself. The entity has little to do with the operations except continuing to live and breathe. By increasing the prana, she will get the effects of that air; certainly it will dictate how to live and continue to breathe by deciding for her what is appreciated or unsettling.


An attachment to the lighter or clarifying state of the body and the consciousness is an acquired taste. The natural usages of the dulling and the normal state of being have many essential advantages to material functioning and self-preservation (of creative interest) as opposed to self-discovery.  These evaluation and change are only possible from accessing that very secretive and sacred psychic insight into the use of subtle air.