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Date:  Posted 5 years before Apr 12, 2018


Alfredo 5 years ago

[Today after the Kriya yoga practice that I am doing after waking up I felt a tingling sensation in my arms. You know that feeling when a body part falls to sleep they say, or when you have little circulation to it.


I think it happened when I did very strong breath infusion when laying down on the ground face up and my arms stretched to their sides. It was the last infusion I did before the meditation in the same place. I only felt it after I stood up.


Also my dream recall has improved. I am now able to remember the more usual and less objective dreams that many happen through the night. I am still becoming lucid once or twice per day night, this hasn't changed. The objectives of my astral experiences seem to be tied up to the level of my mood this past week or so. The better my mood, the more objective or lucid I seem to become.


Also I am eating mountain of steam vegetables because of course I am not used to eating like a bird. After I wake up and at around 6pm Potato, cauliflower, carrots and broccoli. I use a bit of olive oil to season it. It passes through my body rather quickly and it doesn't bloat me. I will also have a slice of bread and a chicken breast or something. I think I will lose weight if I keep it up. I can't complicate myself with variety because if I do I won't be able to sustain it with the little money I can get.]




1.     Tingling sensation in arms: If I read correctly, the tingling in the arms occurred after you stood up from meditation where you were lying down. I think you described it well, that more than likely it happened because of a temporary lapse in circulation in the arms during the meditation, this occurs often when we wake up in the middle of the night.


When the breath infusion is occurring, the blood flows to the lungs, but this was after. Also, check your salt (sodium) intake, from previous diet or current, because high sodium produces tingling in arms. Now…when you described the breath infusion with the arms…where they spread out perpendicular to the body, or along its axis? If the latter, make sure that the hands are palm up. Keep us posted if this continues.


2.     Dream recall improvement: That’s great. This yoga, and any other done properly, will surely improve one’s mood, as it tends to expand (free-up) the core-self (atma). I think you will do great with this practice. It would be good if you start gearing your astral experiences to also meet yogis or deities that could help you with the practice.


3.     Eating and Diet: The practice will ultimately dictate the diet, and of course you will, more than likely, lose weight, which is good. You can also experiment by making the bigger meal the first one of the day, and the one at 6 PM, the lighter one.


Neo_Yogi 5 years ago

Nice Alfredo!