Pranayama Proficiency ~ Lahiri Maharaja (Viewed 229 times)
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Pranayama Proficiency ~ Lahiri Maharaja
Posted on December 23, 2016

During a session of bhastrika pranayama breath-infusion during the month of December, 2016, Sri Lahiri Maharaja appeared above my subtle body. His body was radiant, shedding profuse light with a mist of light around him.


He made this remark:

Mastery of Pranayama occurs when the cell kundalinis are no longer enslaved by the massive spinal kundalini. This declares that the kundalini psychic lifeforce was reduced in influence in the psyche. Of course the form used will still be owned by the primary core-self and by others but for the primary one, the change occurred even though for the other shareholders nothing happened.


The key to this mastery is the hormonal control in terms of not having the reproductive system charge the hormones materials which are extracted from the intestines. Why should the reproductive system charge the hormones if there is no intention to produce embryos? The system does this because nature has insisted on this but a yogi must do everything possible to change this.


The natural process is that the extracted materials are transported to glands which do the charging. However a yogi who masters pranayama has it in the advanced course to stop this automatic polarity and function charging.


He should do bhastrika/kapalabhati breath infusion to change this tendency so that the energy is used in its neutral state before it is charged. This will render each cell to have a neutral bliss charge which can be exploited by the yogi.


Initially many stretches and postures must be assume to get the kundalini on the move and to release energy which is locked in hard-to-control parts of the subtle body. After much practice this changes, whereby in just a few postures, especially early in the morning after a good night’s rest, the neutral energy releases its bliss charge which surges through the body not from sushumna nadi central passage but from the micro-cells directly. This energy flows through the body in bursts, waves and spreads.



When this happens regularly, day after day, the yogi has realized the practice of pranayama breath infusion.