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Practice Session 28/03/2013
Posted on April 15, 2018

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Date:  Posted 5 years before Apr 15, 2018


Pool 5 years ago

For a while I have been doing this Spinal Breathing practice..

up to now in every session I get a lot of vibrations and tinglings mostly on the spine where I go upward and downward with each breath. The vibrations expand across the entire body, this happens inside practice and usually stays with me hours after practice with sensations on the third eye, the head, and pulses at the perineum, and some strange sensations movement at the gi tract, stomach/abdomen area..


In today's session after going upward the spine to the Third Eye with the inbreath, on the exhalation going downward to the perineum I felt this ecstatic energy as Yogani describes expanding from the spine across the entire body, it had a little bit of an orgasmic layer, but it was quite warmish and sticky in nature.. some arousal sensations came up, then on an inhale going upward once again to the brow and applying sambhavi and holding my breath in, my physical eyes went "crazy", a lot muscle twitching and pulses around the eyes and between the center of the eyebrows and a little bit more up with some pressure in between.. doing sambhavi gave me this ecstatic feeling on the forehead and behind the eyes as well.


When this energy was there it was a bit harder to go up the spine with an inhale, there was some resistance which tried making my breath stop.


EDIT: Also I am doing sensing the inner body by Eckhart Tolle meditation after that, it's a great way to stay aware on the energies running around.


MiBeloved 5 years ago

Sounds like you have a good thing going.


Keep it up!


unlimitedsun 5 years ago

Interesting combination and nice results!


Pool 5 years ago

Thanks Michael and Surya!


Today I did 3 session of SBP:


On the second session my breaths gave me this fresh, minty sensations along the spine as I traced up and down, vibrations here and there as usual.


Third session the more I  went up with the breath to the upper part of the spine the more I felt the Third Eye vibrating.. my body became very warm a little bit to the point of perspiration, actually just today I read a lesson that it's just another thing of the purification progress.. some shivering energy here and there across the spine.


Looks like my breaths are much slower, maybe about 1 minute of inhale and exhale all together.


I noticed that if I make my exhale breath even slower more energy movements arise.


In total I feel in practice and outside practice a lot of activity going on within the body.. it's nothing to get over excited about but it shows you that some progress is being done. Starting more to get the hang of this Pranayama.


In the long term this Pranayama is supposed to expand ecstasy in practice and outside practice permanently 24/7. And as one meditates after it to cultivate stillness it becomes ecstasy bliss, can't even image what's that like.


There are a few other versions of this Pranayama which are a bit more complicated and use other features such as mantra, but even in its basic form it's supposed to be really powerful and in addition one can add the root lock and sambhavi as one breaths up and down which makes it even stronger.




In yesterday's session (01.04.2013):


Very vivid colors glowing and sparking rapidly appeared and vanished in a very fast manner, there was mostly a lot of purple, yellow/gold, blue, green and some red from what I remember, this lasted about 2-3 minutes.


MiBeloved 5 years ago

Please always give location and if possible a diagram, even a rough sketch. You can scan it into the computer and then upload it using the image icon which is to the right of the Font Size icon when you type in a post.


If you cannot determine the location, then state that. Location is everything in terms of determining which psychic adjunct is involved. The location of the observer should also be known if possible


Pool 5 years ago



Thomer Third eye images 


Something like this.


The colors were much brighter than the ones used in the picture, they were floating/moving mostly forward away from me in a very fast way, square like.


Could be seen with eyes closed as well as with opened eyes (dark room), it was quite beautiful, like watching fireworks.