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Date:  Posted 5 years before Sep 11, 2017


unlimitedsun 5 years ago

Fri 09/07/2012

AM session felt like the body was giving kick backs from yesterday’s deeper tissue work. I couldn't stretch as well, and warm up did not make up for it, even stomach pumps are tough to do!

Kundalini was not expected to rise so in the standing position I was caught off guard, by the time I adjusted mentally to kneeling down kundalini had forced me down.

It was interesting to note that this time even though I was kneeling the energy kept flowing strongly, usually upon kneeling all stops.

I am now understanding why Michael always reminds one to come down during sessions with him. I used to not consider that warning too much; my attitude was "bring it on! It's fun!"; now that the energy gets too strong, I am all too eager to assume the posture, and tend to over anticipate.

I still am evidently very ignorant of kundalini, and looking forward to developing more familiarity with this most mysterious energy form.


Meditation allowed for "my fragmented" naad frequencies to be tuned intermittently. I feel that I am regaining the momentum I had when 3 months ago (at the beginning of Summer) when I became challenged and compromised my practice.


I intermittently pay attention to naad before sleep since it is now audible again in a quiet environment.


I also try to make some time for reading (a little) everyday.


Three dreams were recalled:

One dealing with family and obligation, for having contacted my son's school administration and teacher.

Another one dealing with some transit in public transportation. I had a car battery issue about 10 days ago.

Then one dealing preparing a meal for family and feeding my nephew (whom I help care for and feed now).


Michael has explained that in a situation like mine it is helpful to care for youngsters in the family as it channels the lust energy, and contribute to the stock of the ancestors.

I really want to make it possible to fit it in my schedule to write these dreams down starting now (before I get another scolding), but I can see how difficult further adjustments to my already thinly spread schedule is going to be.

I feel that I barely have enough time to catch my breath upon returning home from work after a long and tedious commute that I must retire for the day if I am to be up early and do some practice, before running right back out again.


PM exercise focused on stretching so as to alleviate the tenderness in the whole back from yesterday AM session.




Sat 09/08/2012


I made sure since last night that all my preoccupations to do where listed on a piece of paper. With that and the weekend I felt free to practice to my heart’s content.


I warmed up for 15 minutes, practiced for 50 minutes, and meditated for 30. I felt good psychologically and physically about my session, I don't have enough insight to gauge my psychic condition.


My stretches were satisfactory, as I paid attention to going deeper and took the time to do so. I could feel the energy high so I did not apply locks in my usual typical postures.


Kundalini manifested in the beginning of the session in a backward bending posture and that was a sign not to force it (before I develop more insight).


Meditation is improving as I am getting some relief from my MADD (meditation in attention deficit disorder). I tuned into naad frequencies intermittently for perhaps 5 min out of 30.


When I would focus on naad I noticed that its intensity was increasing gradually and that my awareness was also pointing to tingling sensation around the body, particularly in the palm and bottoms of feet.


I experienced repeated dreams of using my saline nasal spray. I was very stuffed I was lacking air, only when I awoke did I realize that I wasn't actually doing it. To think that I like the idea of playing tricks on the mind; who is the trickster now?


Naad was intermittently tuned to before sleep and when awaken in middle of night.




Sun 09/09/2012


AM Practice involved deep stretches. I notice that kundalini can also act based on the depth of a stretch!


The body was easily charged. I applied locks and knelt as soon as I felt that kundalini is about to rise, thinking that I am reacting under apprehension being preemptive. But it turns out that should be done anyways as soon kundalini is expected to rise.


I have been thinking all this time that this is necessary only to prevent a fall and injury as it would be easier to control the situation in general. So my entire approach was discombobulated, and again clarified by Michael. Only expert guidance can allow for progress! 


Michael further explained that the charge that I feel is just like gas pumped into a tank and kundalini is a bomb at the bottom of the tank. So at some point the bomb can go off on account of the pressure in the psyche. That might result in an explosion, a flash of light, a vibration or other. And so the naad sound we sit to meditate to is as an after sound (echoes) from the explosion.


He also distinguished between that naad (post exercise) and the naad that can be heard otherwise, as in a quiet environment.


These explanations are great for me and I really needed them now and can put them to some use. I am very grateful!


Meditation is better, with less MADD (meditation in attention deficit disorder).


Naad was listened to intermittently at night and throughout the night as I was experiencing sleeping difficulties (perhaps for retiring on an empty stomach).


Several mini clap sounds were heard even though I don't believe it was an indication of bodies separating since I was not really about sleep at most of those instances.


But usually they have been a prelude separation of bodies or out of body experiences.


I remember different dreams that I will detail in my digital dream journal:


One involving a work relationship (again).


Another involving family; my son, nephews, mom; well family.


And also one involving Michael: I was asking Michael to go over my dream journal, but so far I only had notes on pieces of paper (I know report those in a computer document). While he was doing that I went with my niece (a one year old - they visited last night) to the store. Upon returning I asked Michael if he wanted some earplugs (I used those to sleep - being a very light sleeper; as well as to meditate), he replied yes we can use some of those. The answer to me implied him and his wife. So I went away thinking that I will put some in two nice packages for them.


There are details that would require more time to pull out, but in general that was the dream.




Mon 09/10/2012


AM Practice involved deep stretches. The system was easily charged. I felt confidence, positivity and good stamina.


I feel ready to start paying more attention to the internal movement of the energy or pranic psychic pressures as they move in the bodies.


Understanding that those movements I have often times called kundalini and at other times energy is not actually kundalini (alone) but rather the charge created in the psyche is a major breakthrough. The great analogy of the tank and the explosive makes the whole scenario crystal clear. I can simply follow that pressure within, and that is different from following kundalini. It makes quiet a difference for me.


So by the mercy of Sri Guru I feel encouraged to go more within, for me progress is within the details!


I assume on the knees position upon soliciting kundalini. I must work on the mechanics of not loosing the locks while moving down versus setting explosions in my tank, as much as pyrotechnics can be fun.


For all my enthusiasm I managed to overstretch my back in a dangerous manner. I was however paying attention enough to hear the body and be careful. I feel paranoid about the back interrupting my momentum for weeks as it has in the past. I have been careful moving, sitting, and even preemptively taking Tylenol. Being tall and slender, the back is one of my weak anatomical points, perhaps some rehab in the gym to strengthen the muscles around there. It's a work in progress.


By the end of the session the system felt charged enough that it became difficult to move around, as my mind felt pressurized, dizzy and somewhat confused. The only thing that made sense to do was to sit and meditate.


Meditation was short but better. It was easier to listen to naad since it was louder, and the system was also more charged, so with that it felt like the mind was restricted. When I had moved out of meditation for work I could still feel the charge and hear naad.


Naad was listened to intermittently in bed.


Dream recall contained two instances to be detailed in dream journal:


Dealing with family: my son, my mother, her house in Africa... The prelude to that is the communications I had or normally have on Sunday evenings.

Dream of sensuous nature.


Reading has not been managed.




Tue 09/11/2012


AM Practice was compromised on account of the back muscle sprain. Warm up was half of the session in order to make it possible at all.


Sitting in the frog position I slowly stretched and breathed. Pushing down the diaphragm it was noticeable that different internal organs can be massaged in that fashion, so I pushed and massaged the back muscles from within. That helped and allowed me to practice around the sprain.


Since I found myself incapable of the important forward bending posts that stretch the back and hamstrings I spent more time doing breathing in other postures.


I found that certain simple postures that demand very fine positioning will cause the stomach to burn for me.


I was able to go over my routine cutting many a corners, and by paying attention to details I was able to identify the specific problem posture. If I had been more in-tuned, I could have avoided this situation.


By all means this is not a bad occurrence of back pain even if it is making practice less effective.


I am focusing on my goal of developing internally and objectives coming down into the kneeling position after soliciting kundalini without loosing pressure locks valves.


Naad was easily tuned to and was loud enough during meditation, it was also listened to intermittently in bed.


Dream recall contained an instance that will be detailed in dream journal:


Dealing with family: in the mood of educating kids properly... for future sister was in the dream... and it was in reference to one of her sons.


Prelude: I am currently dealing with participating a sticky and tedious family situation, for this I am writing a long email...


Reading continues minimally.