Practice Report - Alfredo D - Sunday 11/4/2012 (Viewed 35 times)
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Date:  Posted 5 years before Nov 14, 2017


Alfredo 5 years ago

नमः शिवाय


AM Practice

Practice conducted at home was standard overall and lasted 80 minutes.


Svadhyaya: Continued with “Yoga Sutras of Patanjali”, Chapter 3 “Vibhuti Pada” (Glory Displayed).


Dedication: 5-minute mantra session invocation of Lord Shiva. Practice dedicated to Lord Shiva.


Breath Infusion: 45 minutes of Bhastrika prânâyâma while doing several asanas. Half of the time was used in infusing fresh prana into the thighs, and extracting apana from them. Kundalini was solicited successfully twice before going into meditation.


Meditation: Consisted of 30 minutes with concentration on the Naad sound that was highly audible and was followed and tuned into. I could elongate this concentration for some time effortlessly (Dhyana), which is one of the main purposes of the meditation at the stage I am in. Every time the concentration drifted away from Naad, it was gently brought back to the back of the head and to Naad again.


Dream recall: One dream recalled distinctly.




PM Practice

Practice was good. It consisted of 60 minutes in a motel room with the air conditioning off and the window open.


Breath Infusion: 30 minutes of Bhastrika prânâyâma. Kundalini was solicited twice successfully. Meditation followed after the 2nd attempt.


Meditation: 30 minutes meditation on the back of the head in shavasana (cadaver position = reclining).  Most of the meditation consisted of concentration on the area of the back of the head and on Naad sound. Naad sound was very strong at first, subsiding later.