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Date:  Posted 5 years before Jan 10, 2018


Alfredo 5 years ago

नमः शिवाय


AM Practice

Woke up at 5:00 AM (Brahma-Muhurta). Practice was standard and lasted 80 minutes.


Svadhyaya: Continued with Chapter 3 of “Bhagavad Gita Explained” – “Cultural Activity and Renunciation”.


Dedication: Mantra session dedicated to Mahadeva, doing Tratak (eye concentration) on effigy of Lord Shiva.


Breath Infusion: Approximately 40 minutes breath-of-fire prânâyâma while doing several asanas. Breath infusion emphasis was on the lower trunk and thighs. Kundalini was solicited up sushumna twice. Care was taken to hold the breath after every cycle and push down energy into lower trunk.


Meditation: 30 minutes with concentration on naad on back of head. Naad was subdued compared to the PM practice time, still high enough to be made the main center of the meditation. Tracing Associations: Continues to be the focus of preparation for meditation, as this is critical for success and advancement.


Sadhana Planning and Tapasya:

1.  Doing as much prânâyâma as possible. Concentration on holding breath and energy distribution. Thokar Kriya in between breath-of-fire sessions.

2.  Continue raising Kundalini up Sushumna Nadi with the objective of permanently boring sushumna open.

3.  Diet: Sattvic food, eat as little as possible.


Dream recall: One dream recalled. It pertained to a time when I was a boat owner, and the difficulties about selling the boat, and getting rid of the awful habit of killing fish. Leave the fish alone too!