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New Kundalini Formed
Posted on July 17, 2017

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Date:  Posted 5 years before Jul 17, 2017


MiBeloved 5 years ago

This morning as directed within the psyche by Yogi Bhajan who entered into my individual psyche, I worked on infusing energy into the sex kanda. This is a little bulb in the subtle body in the pubic area. This bulb holds subtle sexual fluids.


Infused energy attacking sex kanda 


In preliminary kundalini yoga, the student sends down infused energy from the lung down into the navel, then it is forced down further into the groin area. Here it mixes with the sexual energy and it becomes charged. Due to a buildup in this charge, it arcs across to the base chakra and arouses kundalini.


When this first happens kundalini become aroused and unsettled. It shakes itself, like a snake which is caught off guard but then it resettles like a snake which is aroused by a little rat which it can easily kill, because the snake is drowsy and is not hungry, it ignores the nuisance rat.


In this way during practice, kundalini is aroused and a little tingle or electrical sensation is felt. Students sometimes do not understand that when this happens it means that kundalini was aroused but it went back to sleep at the base chakra.


So as the infusion practice continues, a higher more forceful charge builds up and if it is large enough, then kundalini awakens in a big way and rises up the spine. Sometimes it reaches the neck and then it subsides but sometimes it will enter the head and mystic happenings will take place.


This is like when the rat inadvertently makes a loud squeezing noise which arouses the snake again, except that this time, the reptile becomes alert, feels hungry and strikes to kill the rat and consume it happily.


So kundalini may arise, take the aroused energy and digest it in a matter of seconds. The result of which is that kundalini moves up the spine into the head in a jiffy.


So in the preliminary process that is what happens: Breath energy is built up and forms a charge down in the groin area. This arcs over to the kundalini at the base chakra. The charge caused kundalini to move up the spine into the head.


The practice which Yogi Bhajan showed me this morning is a different system. This is the practice used when the yogi has pulled up kundalini as a stub under the back of the brain.


When that happens, the yogi can operate to evaporate out the sexual energies so that in his or her psyche they do not accumulate. To do this the infused energy has to go directly to the sex kanda without being routed through the navel first. In addition instead of arcing to the base chakra, that charged sexual energy has to be dissipated and pulled up into the center of the subtle body.


This itself creates a different kundalini force within the psyche which affects all parts of the trunk of the subtle body. This practice is part of the process of redesigning the subtle body so that one can be compatible with the siddha.


When this was done there was a kundalini formed in the center of the subtle body and it burst out in the form of lightning and struck through the chest into the neck but it did not go into the brain. The areas of the chest and armpits absorbed that generated kundalini.