Meditation Disruption (Viewed 57 times)
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Meditation Disruption
Posted on March 12, 2018

Meditation, or rather attempts at meditation, are disrupted by events in the very mind which endeavors to meditate.


In this discussion, I define the mind as a container in which psychic events take place. In that container, there may or may not be psychic objects. Some feels that the mind is one energy without differentiation of objects or with differentiation of illusory objects. Someone else feels that there are psychic objects in the mind even though some or all of these are illusory. The arguments go on. The battle between the holders of various opinions is waged viciously from time to time.

Some say, “Smile and kiss me while you kill me.”

Others say, “Never mind the smiles and kisses, I feel you will ruin me.”


Why is it that in meditation, there arises without notice, ghastly memories of horrible events?

Unless they first agree that despite the rhetoric they are afflicted by unwanted mental and emotional constructions during meditation sessions, I would prefer that the Buddhas and the Oneness masters and mistresses, not participate in this discussion. Please spare us your perfect idealism. Let us be real!

During meditation when it is not wanted a ghastly memory may arise in the mind. It may persist in showing itself because of its sensation value and shock worth. Fiction or nonfiction incidences where were ingested into the mind from audiovisual media are just as powerful as that which was constructed by the mind itself. The mind is so delicate, so sensitive for absorbing sense imprints, that the slightest shiver may become an indelible impression which is replayed repeatedly to torment the meditator.

The effort to dismiss an unwanted memory which was strongly etched in memory is usually met with frustration, where despite the desire to rid the mind of it, the memory persists for a period of time anyway. The willpower proves to be ineffective.

The magic cure of being a detached observer or of being detached while tracing the breath rhythm is nothing more than a shoddy fix because the memories which came in the mind with a high shock value and with keen sensations ignore these cures and persist anyway. Who would admit it?