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Mantra Magic
Posted on November 09, 2017

There are many myths about Vedic mantras, and some truths too. One myth for sure is that one can instantly change one’s situation by saying a mantra. Year after year, those who buy into this myth commit themselves to worship ceremonies (pujas) or to recitation of mantras, or to visualizations of what they desire the mantra to produce.


In the Puranas there is sufficient evidence about the efficacy of mantras but this evidence is based either on myth or on what used to happen but which happens no more.


What we know for sure and what is self-evidence today is that a car remote can open the latches of the door of the vehicle by a sound which is emitted from the remote device. The device emits a mantra digital sound which works. It is not a myth. But if I desire to kill someone who threatens me, I could not do so by saying a sound, as Ashvatthama chanted an incantation to kill the son of Abhimanyu.


I use mantras but only as call-prayers for reaching deities who are supernatural beings in other dimensions. It is not to say a sound which will produce a physical action.


There were occasions in meditation when a deity or yoga guru instructed me to say a particular mantra but it was never for me to acquire something physical. Once on the astral side, I was given a mantra by a yoga guru. He said I should use that manta for causing the mind to ceases imaginations and memory displays. Later a deity gave the same mantra and said that I should project non-contaminated mental energy to a certain mental place while saying the mantra as it kept the mind from imagining and illustrating memories.


In both cases, the mantra worked such that in a short time during meditation, the mind ceases it shenanigans immediately.



Thus my use of mantras is for subtle effects, psychological maneuvers.

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Re: Mantra Magic
Reply #1 Posted on November 10, 2017
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    Gordon Paterson Nicely stated, Michael. Hope all is well? Nirguna

  • Michael Beloved
  • Emily K. Hughes

    Emily K. Hughes Love everything about this post!

  • hitesh dave

    hitesh dave Sorry Michael politely disagree with what you said about Mantr's effect as Myth. It is never Myth. it works how we SIDDH that Mantr and use of it. and it is also truth that most of Mantr ( not every ) which are use as negative purpose , they can protect with or counter with verse Mantr. They protect from negativity of those harmful Mantr.

  • Michael Beloved

    Michael Beloved hitesh dave,

    I feel you are being superstitious and that is okay. Part of a human life has to be like that. Science is the way right now because it gives actual results, so that what they make works for everyone and it is not a hit and miss or cult ingredient which only works now and does not work then, where excuses fill in the missing gaps.

    Everyone who dials a certain phone number reaches a specific place even if these persons are negative towards the person on the other end. But with mantras that use to happen in the time of the Mahabharat and before. It does not happen like that now.

    During the time of Rama, if a bad guy like Indrajit said a mantra it worked and if a good guy said the same mantra it worked as well, just like a remote device for a car which opens the door for the owner of the vehicle or for a thief. The idea that the mantra has to be from this guru or from sad guru and what not, is an excuse. It either works in all cases or it does not do so.

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Re: Mantra Magic
Reply #2 Posted on November 12, 2017

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  • devaPriya Yogini ~

    devaPriya Yogini ~ hitesh dave - I was just wondering about the word SIDDH that you used. I don't see that word commonly used so could you translate it using common English words to describe its meaning? Thank you~

  • Ajit Kumar Das

    Ajit Kumar Das Siddh means cooked or vapoured. Here it means after repeated recitations of a mantra/words a power achieved to apply once to get result.

  • hitesh dave

    hitesh dave @Michael, 

    I feel that you are one of them who believe , what they have information - it is KNOWLEDGE. and that is okay. Part of a human life has to be like that. 

    That which we do not know, it does not believe that it does not exist. The truth is not changed. So do not know. It can not be said of its existence. You do not know that it sounds like FUNNY or MAGICAL or UNBELIEVABLE or PUZZLE. But if you do not know then the facts do not change.

    Who said MANTR is not working in this time? MANTR IS COMBINATIONS OF WORDS AND THEY ARE ETERNAL. They always work. It depends on person that, how person can use it. And there are 2 effects of MANTR . Also counter MANTR for those MANTRAH which have negative effects. And they works . if some one doesn't believe they will not stop work. limitation of present time that , they can find the way how to experience them.

  • hitesh dave

    hitesh dave @ Devapriyaji,

    I USED SANSKRIT WORD. SIDDH means to get full result. The SADHAK who wants to SIDDH MANTR HAVE TO CHANT IN SPECIFIC NUMBERS AND AFTER FINISH , SADHAK will eligible to use of positive or negative effect of it. 

    Is it helpful to understand?

  • Gail Cooney

    Gail Cooney An English man's sword is his word says a lot..
    The most powerful mantra I know is Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung. Its effects are instantaneous to the pure of heart. I would just conclude to keep practising the mantra if you have not yet seen its beauty..
    My three boys were a gift "boon" after chanting Om namo naraya naya for one month.. One hour away as my Karma Yoga, at the shivananda ashram in Kerala.. 
    It was an incredible experience and I floated around that ashram in blissful lightness of being.
    The fuel for any Mantra is pureness of heart and intention..
    all words have an effect.. along with our thoughts and feelings we are making this physical world..
    written on my bathroom door is the 1st Toltec agreement... Be impeccable with your word... Do as you say and your power to create in line with your soul is greatly enhanced... I recommend reading the works of Sri Aurobindo
    love, light,peace and joy to you all 
    Om shanti

  • "NOBU" Nobuhiro 沢野信宏 Sawano

    "NOBU" Nobuhiro 沢野信宏 Sawano During meditation I use Om Namah Shivaya as Mantra (Powerful Mantra
    ) well sometimes are work sometimes are not well but I like this. Power is coming.


    DENNIS PELON Mantra is a focal sound to collect awareness and allow for witnessing of thoughts to sample the stillness within. Mantras are9 Sanskrit and the vibrations.created stimulate the nervous sysytem