Kundalini Yoga vs Tummo Practice (Viewed 61 times)
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Kundalini Yoga vs Tummo Practice
Posted on November 13, 2017

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Date:  Posted 5 years before Nov 13, 2017


unlimitedsun 5 years ago

What are some differences?


I take the difference in intentions for granted. I have heard that all paths lead to Rome, but long before getting there two travelers on the same road can end at two different destination points.


These two practitioners may certainly have two different aims. But are they essentially working with the same principle, that of cultivating and controlling the life force?


MiBeloved 5 years ago

It is the same practice. Tummo yoga developed partially out of a desire to counteract the cold weather in that northern part of the world but initially those teachers came from India. Read about Milarepa's teacher and his teacher and you will see that it came from India originally.


It is not for heating the body, that is a side feature. The real reason is to control kundalini and to reach higher dimensions and figure out the passage of the hereafter before death of the body takes place.


unlimitedsun 5 years ago

There are links here with Tibeti Yogi?


MiBeloved 5 years ago

Sure there are links!


But so what?


It is not a guru cult process.


It only gives effects if you practice.