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Kundalini & Food/Diet
Posted on April 21, 2017

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Date:  Posted 5 years before Apr 21, 2017


unlimitedsun 5 years ago

What is the relationship of kundalini to food/diet in terms of the nature, the quality and quantity of what is ingested and assimilated?


MiBeloved 5 years ago

This is not a good question. This is not the way of the yogis.


What happens in yoga is this:


If one lives in an ashram, hermitage of an advanced yogi, one is duty bound to eat what is prepared. In other words one does not have freedom in diet there. This is similar to when we take a new body. First of all I was a vegetarian in many of my past lives and still in this life, because of the parents I became fated to accept, I had to assume a non-vegetarian diet initially. After some years, I gradually curbed that diet and resumed my vegetarian position but not without a struggle because my body was designed with genes which called for a non-vegetarian diet.


Sometimes after entering an ashram, people complain that they have to stick to a diet which is set up by a guru, but they fail to understand that this is the system of how one gets these bodies, since whosoever your mother will be will determine what you will eat in the next life. Because you will take nutrients from the mother’s blood which courses through the placenta, you will be conditioned to eat in exactly the way she does. If she eats flesh you will be conditioned to that and in her belly, your body will be prepared to eat what she eats.


We know for sure that the infant, once it is born, may not eat flesh, it will get milk but really this milk is only as good as the diet of the mother. If the mother is eating fish and beef, then the milk was produced from that and so the infant is in effect eating fish and beef when suckling the breast


When I was an infant I stayed with my mother for the first 3 years and I was very attached to suckling her breast. Even though I was a yogi in my past life, still that instinct for attachment to the mother expressed itself in a very strong way even though I had no intention of being like that. Subsequently my diet which I preferred in the early part of this body was non-vegetarian.


All of my yoga practice from previous lives was washed out through attachment to the female who happen to be my mother. So this is our situation. We have to honesty look at this and assess our lack of power over nature. Once the body gets big and one gets on one’s own all sorts of nonsense ego talk begins but the plain truth is that nature has the upper hand and will use it when we try to get the next body. Then nature will in effect say this to us, “You big-mouth idiots eat this.” And we will have to eat whatever our parents are eating, even if it is raw fish, even if it is rotted matter.


In yoga we have to use our intelligence and find a way to side step an outright challenge with nature because if we challenge nature, then we will be the losers. Why? Because a limited being cannot be God at any stage, it cannot be supreme at any stage. Therefore it is best to back down from nature. With nature it is best to stand down. Because otherwise one will get a serious kick in the butt which will hurt badly.


Instead of trying to just set up some diet for yourself, the best thing to do is to practice and the practice will stipulate the diet as you advance. Pranaiama yogis have a saying:


Prana will show the way.


What does this mean?


It means that if you practice, the purification which you gain will itself cause you to improve in diet and in other aspects of your spiritual life. So instead of calculating what to eat just practice sincerely and then your diet will be controlled by the increased purity which your psyche develops through a consistent practice.


Sometimes people are wondering. “Why is this yogi eating like this? Why is this yogi not enjoying food the way I do?”


The answer is that from within the yogi is being told what to eat by the increased purification in the psyche.


A yogi soon learns to eat to facilitate practice but that only happens to those yogis who invest in practice heavily. Those who play with the practice, postpone it and so on, do not become controlled by the purity energy in the psyche. They do not become reformed in eating habits which deter practice.


A yogi eats to facilitate practice, which means that the time of eating has to work around the practice and not the other way around. The quantity of eating also has to facilitate the practice.


The key then is not what should I eat and how much but when should I practice and how frequently. If you attend to just that your eating habits will be automatically reformed as the practice itself will bring that under control and will subjugate that.


When people find out that I do not eat anything heavy after say about 3 pm, they sometimes become alarmed and wonder why I am such an extremist. They do not believe that such a restriction has any spiritual benefit. But the point is that if I eat after that, my morning session of practice will not be as efficient and during the night my astral awareness will decrease, so to facilitate my practice, I cannot eat heavy foods late in the afternoon or at night


If I want to meet yoga gurus in the astral and if I want to be aware of it, I must curb later eating which causes a decrease in subtle perception in the separated astral body during the night.


But it is not that I just make up some rule. The rule came about from having a consistent morning practice. When I used to live in Yogi Bhajan’s ashram in Denver around 1973, there was a rule that we had to rise about 4 am and get cleaned up and then report for bhastrika breath infusion practice. So from then onwards I kept up this habit. Over the years my eating habit came under the control of my practice. Or stated in plain terms my practice dictates what I eat, how I eat and when I eat.


It is not the other way around where my eating habits dictate my practice. I practice sincerely and take my obligation to my yoga gurus for practice very seriously. One of the things that get in the way of spiritual practice is not being accountable to anyone and feeling that the yoga guru is just anybody. One gets this idea that one does not have to do what the yoga guru recommends.


So that is okay if you are not serious about progression spiritually along the path which that teacher mastered. It is funny how in the West where people have so many freedoms, they fail to see how compliant they are when they want to get a college degree and they feel that they should not have to stoop to anybody and comply with anyone in the yoga process.


Kundalini is affected by what is eaten as well as by the time it is eaten. The student has to observe what takes place in the psyche when he or she eats certain foods at certain times. It is all adjusted in reference to how it facilitates practice. If some food causes one to be sluggish or causes one to reduce practice, then one should shift to a food which encourages practice.


Take an extreme thing like alcohol, if that is ingested it has a certain affect on kundalini and if the student notices this and then sees that this is not what is desired, then the student should stop the drinking activity. If you are not living in a ashram then you are on your own regarding how you will control diet but if you practice every day as instructed by the yoga guru and if you do not make or find excuses about this, then naturally and gradually you will be inspired from within your own psyche to hedge up your diet and reduce parts of it which are constrictive of spiritual advancement.


If the yoga gurus generally state that the best time to practice is before sunrise around 4-6 am, then obviously if you are going to adjust your life around that certain things will naturally change. It is like that.


Question is what is the most important thing for you to do on any given day?


Is it your early morning session of practice?


Answer this question and then it will be easy to figure out what your diet is or should be.