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Date:  Posted 5 years before Apr 19, 2017


MiBeloved 5 years ago

Kundalini is the psycho-biological mechanism which regulates the body. It is such that when there is no physical body, kundalini resorts to being just a psychic mechanism. It returns to its biological life as soon as a specific spirit is fused into the feelings of its would-be parents.


Students have inquired about how to control kundalini during normal physical activities. I noted something which I did mentally yesterday and which I may not have explained to students. The problem with yoga practice is that so much of it is subtle and abstract, that even the teachers cannot log everything they do for practice and so they are sometimes at a loss for explaining the process.


Some teachers cover this up by telling students not to ask questions and just to meditate as if those students can find their way without explanations and verbal guidance.


In this post I will explain how to change kundalini during day to day activities, just by talking to kundalini as if it were a person. Actually in normal usage when we say that someone is a person, we are really speaking about kundalini as the person, because the core-self is only a power supply for kundalini. The core-self more or less is used by kundalini. You can talk to kundalini, believe it or not.




The process:

I am currently in Shreveport Louisiana, visiting some relatives of my body. In one of my books I made a statement about my two elder sisters. The one who was born before me, actually gave me hints about how to acquire this particular body, because I was at a loss on how to do that since I was a yogi in the past birth who practiced brahmachari and attained the urdhva reta dynamic celibate stage. Due to that I became unfamiliar with carnal knowledge, knowledge of sex.


This particular sister gave me some hints and she indirectly confirmed this, when I was with her in the presence of some of her grown children, and she said this:


“I pave the way for him. It was me, I came before him.”


Now this is a Christian woman who has nothing to do with yoga and meditation and she made this statement with confidence. She was very boastful about it.


It is true however that she did pave the way or open a passage through which I took this body.




Later when I was in a vehicle with one of her sons, his phone rang. The melody of the ringer was like the music which is usually played in the background in the slot machine area of a casino. As soon as the ringer made that melody, there was a flash of energy which tried to pick up from memory images of the casino in which this son of her, works. I had gone to that casino to see him some years ago.


Just by the ring of that sound, the intellect immediately tried to reach into the memory to bring up the images which were stored. This is like when there is a large file-size graphic image like a 30MB jpeg to be loaded into a computer. The computer first gets an instruction which tells it that the image exists and that it should grab the image from a particular cyberspace. So the intellect sent a grabbing signal to a memory chamber. As I looked, that energy was moving down the neck passing through layers of information in the memory, to locate the graphic.


I immediately withdrew that flash of energy which was searching and the searching stopped. But then the intellect showed me (core-self) that there was a record in the psyche which stated that this son of my sister worked at a casino and that I should allow it to repossess the related images from memory.


I squashed this idea by mentally shutting down any energy which was leaking from the core-self to the intellect.


Let me bring to your attention that usually a person just feels that all of this takes place by the mind. Here if mind means intellect then I am in agreement, otherwise it is only because  a person has little or no psychic perception, that the person cannot understand that the mind is a chamber in which is housed psychic components.


So if you got gist of the above, then here is another more accurate description of what took place.


When the phone rang and issued that casino melody, the ear sent that message into the psyche along particular route. One route was to the memory. Another was to the intellect. And yet another route was to the kundalini.


The first psychic organ to respond was the kundalini. But this was not seen by the intellect because the kundalini operates like the Central Intelligence Agency. The kundalini executes covert action, such that even the intellect has no idea of what it is doing. The senses even though these emerged from the analytical or intellect, are under the influence of kundalini. These senses conspire with kundalini to hide certain things from the intellect, just as teenaged children are allied against their parents.


Kundalini once it got the information from the senses became excited because that is what kundalini is about. But the kundalini did not show this excitement to the intellect. It had learnt over time that the intellect cannot be trusted. Unlike the senses, the intellect is resistant to kundalini and wants to censor what the kundalini approves so. Thus the kundalini found ways of influencing the intellect without letting the intellect know it was influenced.


In the meantime the poor and stupid core-self has no idea what is going on because it cannot directly perceive anything in the physical or psychic material worlds. It is reliant on the sense of identity, which in turn is reliant on the intellect, which in turn is under the influence of the senses, memory and kundalini.


As soon as kundalini got that information of the senses and hid from the core self its enthusiasm to pursue that interest in the casino sound, the kundalini sent a flash message to the eye telling it to be on the lookout for a casino. In Shreveport there are many high rise casinos.


At the same time kundalini sent a message to the intellect but it was a covert message like a CIA operation. Thus the intellect did not know that it was influenced. It perceived the sound and it got this feeling to check in the memory for related incidences.


At this point the core-self begins to understand what was happening and it tried to stop the operation. It stopped the intellect from getting any images from the memory and it turned about and said to kundalini, “Do not pursue this. This will be disruptive when I sit to meditate. Stop this.”


Just with that mental speech kundalini retracted its interest in the sound. It retrieved the flash energy with which it initially pierced the intellect.


This above is some detail about kundalini control in day to day affairs.