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Kundalini Attitude Change
Posted on May 18, 2017

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MiBeloved 5 years ago

This below is a diagram from Srila Yogeshwarananda. This concerns mastership of the energy in the thighs in the Hatha Yoga practice of Mahayogin Gorakshnatha. In this practice after one has mastered infusing the trunk of the subtle body with the subtle counterpart of air energy, one begins to hammer away at the thighs of the body.


The longest bone in the body is the thigh bone but it is an accessory of the reproductive system. It is dedicated to aiding sexual activities. This attitude of the thighs must be changed for those yogis who want to reach the siddha stage. They should practice tight stretches and do these with the breath infusion process so that they draw out all old energy from the thighs and install new fresh pranic force (subtle air) into the thighs.


If the yogi is successful at this, there will be a flow of energy as in the diagram below which was explained to me by Yogesh. In this diagram the energy in the trunk courses around the lower part of the body, beginning near the spine and then going around the body in either direction into the thighs, then out of the thighs near the pubic area. Once the energy gets back into the trunk of the body, it courses upwards through the front of the trunk of the body.


When this practice is complete, the yogi will find that as a result, the subtle body has no sexual interest. It will retain a gender configuration as male or female but it will have no interest in sexual penetration in a give or take way. It will not abhor sexual penetration but it will not have any interest in it and will not try to procure opportunities for it.


The lack of interest of the subtle body about this will not occur because of a mental decision to forego sex or to pursue celibate lifestyle as required in the niyama restraints. It will occur then on the basis of the change in interest in the energy itself. This is not a will power decision. It is not an intellectual decision or enforcement of moral principles. It is a decision by kundalini because of a change in the nature of the energy which the kundalini is provided with.


Here is a diagram. This is a diagram of the cross section of the lower trunk and thighs. The blue arrowheads represent the flow of energy up from the lower front part of the pubic area, up through the front of the trunk of the subtle body.


Energy flow in the trunk and thighs