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Kundalini Arousal Failure
Posted on February 17, 2017

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Date:  Posted 6 years before Feb 17, 2017


MiBeloved 6 years ago

If you find that you are doing rapid breathing (bhastrika pranayama) and still you are unable to raise kundalini or that kundalini only rises on the average once per week even when you do exercises daily, then it means that you have to intensify your practice.


How to do this?


These are some methods of intensity:


1.    Do two sessions in succession, instead of one.


2.    Commit yourself to continuing a session until kundalini is aroused and courses though the spine into the head.


3.    Make a commitment to your yoga-guru, that you will continue rapid breathing with or without varying postures until you sense that kundalini is aroused and enters the head.


Any of these three methods may work to force kundalini into a state of arousal.




Doing two sessions rather than one, means that your usual sequence of exercises is repeated after your session is completed. Usually each student has sequences of exercise which consist of postures and breathing. Do your usual sequence and then begin the sequence all over again and complete it a second time. This means that if you usual session last for say 20 minutes, you will begin that session again and continue it to completion which may take at least another 15 minutes for the minimum.


You will find that in the second session there is less resistance to the energy which you infuse by the rapid breathing and thus kundalini will, more than likely, be aroused.




Committing yourself to continuing a session until kundalini is aroused is a difficult method, because usually when you finish your usual session, the mind assumes a reluctance to continue further. This reluctance of the mind might convert into a depression energy which will cause you to feel negative if you try to continue. This negativity might prevent you from continuing.


However if you are strong in your objective to raise kundalini, you can use this negative energy as a force to help you to push on. This would mean that you protect your mood energy so that it does not come in contact with the negative emotions which are generated in the mind.




You may also make a commitment to your yoga-guru, but this a very difficult way to handle this. A kundalini yoga-guru is not the same as other types of trainers who are overly concerned about the progress of their students. A kundalini yoga guru will accept such a commitment but will not pressure the student to complete it. The student will have to pressure himself or herself.


It is different if one lives in an ashram, where all members are committed to complying with certain rules of life style.


You can commit yourself to a guru about raising kundalini into the head, but then the whole task will rest on your determination and no one will be there to help you with the commitment.


Actually in the higher stages of yoga, we continue our practice with a commitment to our yoga-gurus. We are able to complete this because we are desperate for success in the practice and want to migrate to the subtle world in which our gurus reside.


Just keep in mind that unless kundalini is raised daily, it means that you are not motivated enough in your objectives but in time if you continue, that impetus would arise.


neil 6 years ago

Is it possible to get rid of kundalini permanently?  About five years ago I was sitting in meditation breathing through the chakras.  It was close to midnight and I was feeling a nice flow of energy coming up through the body.  All of a sudden a burst of energy shot up my spine and out the top of my head.  This had never happened to me before and it was all unexpected.  I literally shouted "Whoo."  I never had that experience again.  However, now when I breathe through the chakras they feel wide open and energy flows more freely than before that experience.  Do you think that it is possible that kundalini left my body?


MiBeloved 6 years ago

If kundalini leaves the material body, then it is a dead body and you would not be able to use it to communicate this post.


Kundalini is the one aspect which causes the body to live. It is not the individual spirit, nor individual mind which causes the body to live. It is the kundalini. In fact in a coma when the individual spirit is deprived of the ability to manipulate the body, the kundalini still keeps the body alive. But as soon as the kundalini is disabled the body dies.


Hence the one thing that keeps the body alive is the kundalini. This does not mean that the individual spirit has no value. Take the example of a car, does the driver of the car keep the engine running. Well it all depends on how you look at it, but actually we know that the engine runs more or less on gasoline. Gas alone is not an engine but without it even if everything is in place, including the driver, the pistons, the spark plug the initial blast of electricity from the battery and the starter, still the engine cannot operate.


Kundalini is the thing that runs the body. It heals the body when there is damage and so on. It is subtle life force. It is the thing around which your new body will form in the next mother’s body. It will design that next body according to its tendencies which for now we assume are your tendencies.


It is interesting that you mentioned this experience of kundalini because just yesterday someone called me about kundalini experiences and I explained that the only way to understand kundalini is to experience it and that all sorts of explanations don’t work if a person has not got the experience. I also said that sometimes by some sheer good luck a person gets such an experience suddenly and for no apparent reason.


You can take it from me that unless kundalini is energized upwards, one cannot attain any permanent spiritual advancement. Can one get rid of kundalini? Sure you can but can you work for that?


Srila Yogeshwarananda, one of my yoga-gurus has scrapped kundalini but to do so one has to have a tremendous amount of spiritual perception where one can see spiritual objects. Otherwise it is not possible.


Yes, yogis want to scrap kundalini because it endorses and forms all the lower transmigrations in lower species of life, in all sorts of queer material and subtle dimensions. So scrapping kundalini is an absolute must if one is to go to the spiritual side fully. But the question is: How to do that?


Kundalini has not left your body. Again, as I stated above when it does your body will be dead for sure. But all the same what we do in kundalini yoga is to make kundalini rise as you experienced but every day, at least once per day. Why do we make that effort to repeat that experience daily?


Because kundalini is habituated to survival life and it has to be coached in higher levels. In fact please do this:




Sit to meditate and when your mind is quieted, try to recall that kundalini arousal experience. When you recall it, then shift your mind and try to recall a sexual climax experience. Then tell us what is the difference.


Now if you are an old man and have not had a sexual experience for some years now and if you cannot recall what that is like, then it might be beneficial in your case, to try to procure some sexual experience by getting a willing female to assist you in that. (Hell, I hate to be responsible for advising you like this but it is important, so I will take the risk).


Okay so during that experience make sure you pay attention to how the sexual energy is moving and how the climax of pleasure and subsiding of it, takes place.


Then explain to us the difference between that sexual pleasure and the kundalini experience from 5 years ago.


Now here is the point, the only difference in those two experiences is that kundalini went in the direction of the sex chakra system and its pleasure nerves both in the subtle and gross body. While in the other more sublime experience kundalini went in the direction of the brain.


There is no difference in the source of the energy. It is the same kundalini. So all the years you are having sex nightly, and then it is the same kundalini that is aroused. There is no difference. So here is the challenge:


If I can have sex with a woman every night at my desire, why can I not have the same kundalini that I arouse in sex, go into my brain every day?

What is the difference?


The difference is that nature supports sexual arousal of kundalini but it is reluctant to support brain arousal of kundalini.


Getting rid of kundalini is near impossible.


Wherefrom will I get the power?


I am just a puny little fart running around on a little planet out in the middle of chaos. So why ask such a question? Jesus Christ said something to the effect that I cannot even count the hairs on my head.


So why now am I thinking about getting rid of kundalini, something that has transmigrated taking me along willingly or unwillingly through millions of species of lives, in billions of creations. How is it that now, I have reached the human level and have a brain and got some speech I am now thinking of taking control of this process from kundalini.


Well wish me good luck!


But I doubt that kundalini is going to take my idea of getting rid of it seriously.


But there is some hope!


It may be possible if I can find a way to make it rise daily.


neil 6 years ago

I agree, a sexual climax occurs in the lower chakra while kundalina climax occurs in the head chakra.  A sexual climax arouses the nervous system of the gross body and may even spread to the second, third and even fourth chakra system.  Anyway, this has been my experience.  The kundalina climax that I had was similar to the sexual climax, as you say, but ran up the spine and "exploded" out the head chakra.  The feelings are the same except they occur in different places in the body.  Is that why you are trying to have kundalina climax every day?  Does it take the place of a sexual climax or are you doing it for other reasons?


Kris Clevinger 6 years ago

When I was young and having sexual relationships I found that on the days that I had sexual climaxes it usually weakened my kundalini experiences for that day, so I would make a choice between the two.


MiBeloved 6 years ago

Neil we have some disagreement here but it may be just our terminology. In any case I do not agree that a kundalini climax occurs in the head chakra and not in the genitals. I am not saying that my experience is universal. It may well be that your psyche is designed differently as we know that sometimes doctors find that a person’s heart is on the right side and not the left which is supposed to be the usual place. Here is my experience of this:


A sexual climax occurs when kundalini hits the sex chakra and energizes it with a high psychic charge, forcing that chakra to express itself as sexual pleasure.


While a bliss energy climax or transcendental climax occurs when kundalini hits the brow or head chakra, forcing that chakra to express itself as sheer spiritual light or as bliss energy or as perception in the spiritual environment.


In my experience as contrasted to yours, it is the same kundalini which is energizing either of the chakras. This might be compared to an electric circuit which is powered by a generator. In all cases of all the appliances which are wired into that circuit, the same generator is powering those appliances. But still when current runs through the speakers we perceive that current as sound. When it runs through the refrigerator, we perceive it as a freezing force. When the same current runs through the blender, we perceive the current as a spinning cutting force.


I do agree however that when sexual climax occurs the power also energizes other chakras as you mentioned. So in my experience when the current runs into the blender say, somehow sometimes it increases the speed of a fan in the back room. So my conclusion is that one chakra may affect the power level in other chakras, either to increase or to lower that power level. I agree with this.


Stated differently, it seems that some of the appliances are wired through the same breaker. Some switches seem to control the operation of more than one appliance. When some appliances are down, it seems that other appliances go down too. The wiring is screwed up. I agree with that.




neil’s Inquiry:

Is that why you are trying to have kundalini climax every day?  Does it take the place of a sexual climax or are you doing it for other reasons?


MiBeloved’s Response:

This is a very interesting question. Sometime during the last year, a person who does rapid breathing to raise kundalini said to me that he wants to get a great rush from kundalini and that this was the reason why he was doing kundalini yoga. In other words his motive is exactly as you suggested which is to use kundalini’s arousal in the head to replace kundalini’s arousal in the sex chakra. (Of course in your experience sex climax is not kundalini’s burst in the pubic area but I am saying that it is).


So yes, some students of yoga, especially when one first begins kundalini yoga practice, has the sense that kundalini’s arousal in the head should be a replacement of its arousal in the genitals.


However as your questions stands I cannot answer it. I must first rephrase it as follows:


Is that why you are trying to have kundalini climax in the head every day?  Does it take the place of a sexual climax or are you doing it for other reasons?


Notice I added the words in the head. This is an important distinction, for where as in youth, I was concerned with kundalini climaxing in the sexual area, I am not interested in its energization through the sexual chakra in higher yoga practice.


The stipulation of Srila Yogeshwarananda is that I should make kundalini climax in the brahmarandra every day, at least once per day. Another yogi Swami Atmananda instructed that once kundalini reached brahmarandra, it should be pushed further into that plane of existence to reach a higher dimension there where he is located.


To such yogis, our existence here is a manifestation of the base chakra, called muladhara. Mula is Sanskrit for root or foundation and adhara is Sanskrit for physical reality which is the lowest ending point of the spectrum of existence. So to them we have come out in the lowest world. But to us of course, we do not understand why they are saying that.


I am going to agree with you to some existent though and say that kundalini’s climax in the head is a great replacement for its climax in the genitals. That is a super idea.


I wonder if we could sell that idea to the editors of Playboy.


How much million do you think we could rake in for that idea?


neil 6 years ago

Ha!  I don't think we could rake in any money with that idea.  It would be too confusing a concept for the readers of Playboy to grasp.  It is much easier and probably more fun to have sexual intercourse.


However, thanks for your explanation as to why you do kundalini practice on a daily basis.  I think you and I are trying to reach the same plane but through different practices.