Granthi Blocks in Breath Infusion (Viewed 96 times)
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Granthi Blocks in Breath Infusion
Posted on January 12, 2018

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MiBeloved 5 years ago

Query from LinkedIn:


What is Granthis and what does it mean to pierce the granthis, and with which techniques and methods?


MiBeloved's Response:

In the subtle body there are areas where energy bunches up and forms a blockage so that energy from one side cannot pass to the other side.


These are realized by psyche perception when one does pranayama breath infusion practices. As one pumps in more and more air, one finds that it bunches up or accumulated in certain parts of the subtle body, in specific general areas and also in specific nadis which are subtle tubes which channel astral energy.


To understand this we may take help from cardio-vascular information, where veins and arteries are sometimes blocked by plaque or by tubular constriction. In that case, the blood cannot pass a certain area and it builds up on one side of the constriction. A surgeon may use a probe to enter the vein or artery and do a procedure to cause the blood to flow freely.


In the subtle body there are nadis, which are similar to the veins and arteries. These may become blocked. The place of the blockage is called a granthi.


There is also another type of blockage which is like if a person gets an injury from an impact. Let us assume that someone’s arm was struck with a blunt object. That part of the arm which was affected will soon swell. The cells which were struck will malfunction. Blood on one side of the injury will not pass through because the veins and arteries were crushed and are damaged. This also may happen in the subtle body where a certain part of it, not just one or two nadis, malfunctions in such a way that energy on one side cannot pass to the other side.


This is all theory for sure but it is based on psychic perceptions after doing 40 years of kundalini yoga breath infusion practice.


So where are these granthis located?


I will name some of the ones which I discovered in my subtle body during breath infusion practice (kapala bhati/ pranayama).


The first one which I noticed for sure was the blockage at the bottom of the lungs. Here is the list of the ones that I recall offhand:


Bottom of the lungs

Above the navel

At the navel

At the bottom of the navel

At the pubic area

At the sex organ chakra (not the sex chakra on the spine)

Just below the sex organ chakra

At the muladhara base chakra (base of the spine)

At the small of the back (where the spine curves the most when one leans backwards

At the heart chakra on the spine

At the neck in the spinal bones which pass through the neck

At the lower back end of the brain

At the third eye

At the crown chakra

At the sex kanda (subtle bulb of sex hormonal energy)

In the neck muscles which are around the spine (not the spine in the neck)




So these are some of the ones I discovered.