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Existential Terrorists
Posted on November 12, 2017

In the psyche everything is terrorized by desires. Desires are so powerful that they cause one person to be scared to death within because of not being able to fulfill certain desires. It causes one person to terrorize someone else for the same reason.


We come to blows with each other, verbally, emotionally, physically and otherwise because of frustration in fulfillment of desires. To reduce incidences either with others or with the self unto itself, I reduced desires. On occasion when someone expects me to help with the fulfilment of a desire, if I fail to comply, that person promptly insults me. This results in a black mark against the memory of me in that person’s psyche. This is a self-revelation because it means that in so far as we are similar, I may react in the same way to those who do not assist me in a fulfilment.


What to do?


What about the disunity and upset within the self until itself when it discovers itself to be powerless in desire fulfilment or when it finds that it is incompetent in bring about the circumstances which are necessary for the enactment of a desire?


Renouncing desires is one way out it. That was the process used by many ascetics, where they abandon desires forthwith. Suppression of desires is another method but that is liable to backfire when the desire surfaces with more power at a later date. Destruction of desire energies in the psyche by mystic squashing is the best method. Can the underlying causal energy behind a desire be dissolved out of existence?


Can any self, any singular self, be free of frustrating desires?



Note that I did not say free of desire bur rather free of frustrating desire. Practicality is relevant here.