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Evacuation / Meditation
Posted on September 10, 2017

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Date:  Posted 5 years before Sep 10, 2017


MiBeloved 5 years ago

Srila Yogesh asked me to continue the first steps of higher yoga regardless of the success I would have with higher yoga. Higher yoga is called samyama which are the three highest stages of yoga in one sequential progression as meditation.


There is much confusion about what meditation is. There are arguments about what it should be. In this case however this conversation is restricted to what Patanjali defined as samyama.


So why bother with the first steps of yoga?


Why keep doing that when you can just meditate which is the ultimate objective?


For me the answer to this question is simply that I bother to do it because of the instruction of a yoga guru.


A simple practice like the nauli stomach pumps combined with the agnisara process should be continued daily even if one has advanced to higher meditation.




Because the system tries to regress; Kundalini will try to reestablish itself in the reptilian situation if one is inattentive to it and becomes too attentive to higher meditation. Slowly but surely kundalini will sneak back down to the base chakra and reestablish its domain controlling digestion, hormone formulation, sexual excretion and waste formulation.


While the yogi is happily and confidently doing samyama or doing what he or she thinks is samyama, kundalini will take the entire psyche downwards again to the animal kingdom but this will not happen if one is attentive to the first steps to higher yoga during practice.


How much time per day do you meditate?


How much of that time could you switch and devote to an aggressive effort for completing with efficiency the first steps to higher yoga.


Let us take the example of evacuation. Using Western commodes, human beings sit to evacuate but that does not allow as efficient propulsion of the waste outwards as squatting. In taking up the advantage of modern toilets, we have lost the power of propulsion which can be exerted while squatting and evacuating. We sit there and wait and wait and sometimes nothing comes and we are helpless except to take laxatives and enemas of all sorts.


But how does this impact meditation?


Is there a connection between efficient evacuation and meditation?


What has higher meditation have to-do with the material body and its physiological operations?


Are we not the absolute?


Are we not the Oneness?


Are we not God?


Why should we bother with the condition of these individual bodies which show the illusion of duality?