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Double Focus Technique
Posted on April 14, 2018

In meditating to reach the chit akash sky of consciousness, if a yogi finds that his single focus method does not give the intended results even after months or years of practice, he may practice with a double focus but this is if he discovers that some of his attention leaks and is used in the mind in some other way which is not part of the intended focus.


During a meditation session, on February 12, 2018 Yogeshwarananda introduced the idea of using any excess attention to support the objective. The objective in this meditation is to focus on naad sound resonance so as to reach the chit akash sky of consciousness. First one has to focus on naad and become totally emerged in it. Then one waits in naad for the development of transcendental vision in subtle head.


If however the naad focus does not absorb the attention fully, one should use the excess attention to focus on the inVision of the psyche. One may also move from focusing tightly on naad to focusing mildly on it and simultaneously focusing on the inVision of the psyche. One should be sure not to release the naad focus when shifting the excess attention to the inVision focus.


This procedure which I tested does cause chit akash sky of consciousness access. It does that in a stable way, rather than just a flash entry which last for seconds. But even in this the attention must be stable as one applies the focus to either the naad sound resonance or the inVision or both simultaneously. One must also be on guard because the mind will shift to its default activity which is to indulge itself with impressions, memory and sensory stimuli having to do with physical and lower astral existence.


The questions are:

What is naad sound resonance?

What is psyche inVision?


Naad resonance is a sound which is heard in the subtle head. It is heard during meditation as a continuous Eeeeee sound. It may be heard at the back, to the right or left side or even anywhere else. A yogi should tune to this sound which is always being resonated. He should become absorbed in it.


Psyche inVision happens after completing pratyahar sensual energy withdrawal practice, when the sensual energies no longer course out of the subtle body. These energies lose interest in the physical and lower astral existences which are outside the subtle body. This vision has no interest in seeing anything outside the subtle body unless it can see that by a supernatural view which develops inside the subtle body. The two subtle eyes sees outside the subtle body into any subtle environment which it may visualize but the subtle inVision has no interest in that. It remains localized inside the subtle body. Its rays of interest remain confined inside the subtle body just as someone who was in a concrete enclosure would be limited to interest inside the area.


For this procedure, the yogi, after doing breath infusion, becomes absorbed in the naad sound. Once stationed in that, he waits for a swaying motion. Then he shifts any excess attention to the inVision so that he sees within the subtle body only. After a time, usually after a short time of some seconds, he senses a swaying motion again and shifts to naad with the excess. Then he repeats this over and over until the period of the meditation is completed. In some sessions he will get glimpses of the chit akash sky of consciousness. If he does this practice regularly without distraction, it will cause access into the sky of consciousness.