Divine Eye ~ Assistance Hard to Come By (Viewed 31 times)
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Development of the divine eye is difficult, if not impossible for most of the people who are meditating today. For them it may as well be a myth, a fancy, something hoped for which they will never factually experience.


A few yogis may experience it sporadically but not on demand, just haphazardly during rare meditations.


In a discussion, Yogeshwarananda admitted that a person who was graced with the divine eye cannot tell someone else how to develop that because the graced one did not achieve it by his endeavor alone. He took help which makes him ignorant of the practices which another person must take to achieve that.


Thus getting help in developing the divine eye and seeking that assistance from persons who were endowed with the ability or who were graced with it, will prove to be ineffective.



Of course there must be a few persons who worked for the divine eye and attained it by their effort. Those successful ones can render assistance but only in so far as their methods can be adopted by someone else.