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Development of the divine eye is difficult, if not impossible for most of the people who are meditating today. For them it may as well be a myth, a fancy, something hoped for which they will never factually experience.


A few yogis may experience it sporadically but not on demand, just haphazardly during rare meditations.


In a discussion, Yogeshwarananda admitted that a person who was graced with the divine eye cannot tell someone else how to develop that because the graced one did not achieve it by his endeavor alone. He took help which makes him ignorant of the practices which another person must take to achieve that.


Thus getting help in developing the divine eye and seeking that assistance from persons who were endowed with the ability or who were graced with it, will prove to be ineffective.



Of course there must be a few persons who worked for the divine eye and attained it by their effort. Those successful ones can render assistance but only in so far as their methods can be adopted by someone else.

Posts: 1853
Rating: 431
Re: Divine Eye ~ Assistance Hard to Come By
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  • Pierre HANCE
     During lucid dreaming, we see thru it, no body can train us to do so, its a gift of the Lord thkx for your post ! @+

  • Jon Deva

    Jon Deva Paramahansa Yogananda gave implicit instructions for developing the Divine Eye, which basically was an internal trataka to be practiced nightly in Yoni Mudra, for 3 hours at a time. After a while he changed it to 15 minutes when he discovered how difficult it is for westerners to focus for extended periods...

  • Michael Beloved

    Michael Beloved Jon Deva, Say something meaningful about what you practiced in this respect. Did you use Yogananda's original or adapted method and if so, what result did you get?

  • Natasha Sequeira

    Natasha Sequeira Perhaps people don.t realise that to achieve high psychic level and clear channel to GOD that great sacrifice and struggle is endured. to achieve this. Most people don.t have time or put in position where they can go thru this. Most wouldn.t want to go through it. Very people are allowed past the 9 guards into Gods domain. Only those who have past the exam.

  • Jon Deva

    Jon Deva 1: My previous words were quite clear and meaningful.
    2: I never stated that I used PY's method to develop the Divine Eye.
    3: I have been blessed to have developed and seen and experienced the Divine Eye, but thru another lineage and technique.