Desires of Ancestors / Enforced? (Viewed 227 times)
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Desires of Ancestors / Enforced?
Posted on September 10, 2017

Can it be that somehow somewhere, one will have to fulfill the desires which one’s ancestors had for oneself but which one did not fulfill after getting the body from such people?


During a daytime rest, by the force of psychic ancestral power, I found myself in an astral dimension where some of my ancestors on my father’s side enlisted my services to take a teaching job in that astral place. First I had to take an exam, a math exam, which I passed easily. Then I was told that I qualified for a job as a teacher and would be enlisted as such with a reasonable salary.


My ancestors there, all of them being women, were extremely happy about this and sent into my subtle body slivers of joy-energy. They created a place for me to live which was spacious and luxurious. They enjoyed every bit of it.


The interesting thing is that most of those women are deceased. Some I did not know while I used this body in its infancy and youth. Some were long deceased before that and did not take another material body, even though they were in transit to do so at the nearest opportunity. A few of the women use material bodies but also function now and again in this astral place which is reserved for their family clan.


Question is:


Should I continue to subscribe to being controlled by the family of my current body, my current social self?


Should I be a functional part of their collective desire for promoting the interest of their clan?



Am I a subject of ancestral desire?

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Re: Desires of Ancestors / Enforced?
Reply #1 Posted on September 11, 2017

For taking a body in a particular group is intrinsically tied to owing in return in terms of the dimensional bodily advantages afforded. These obligations are at least as real as one’s own sense of lordship over these advantages, or capabilities of the forms.


So in a way, the existing bodily form is simply an extension of the interests of the clan cross-dimensionally, to include material security but also subtle interests and all these are tagged across the time span of life cycles. It also is possible that capable individuals will be increasingly and overwhelmingly solicited and coveted, as human existence becomes more complex and materially advanced.


The situation and links are inherent to the particular environment which in turn induces repeated births; only the extrication from the particular dimensions will allow a detachment from the need to oblige in one way or other and to one group or the other. This can ultimately lead to a gradual slipping out materially designated social formatting. The bodies are only the property of the self in words, in real time it is an elaborate scheme tagged with the fashion brand of the Mother.