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Chit Akash Access
Posted on January 10, 2017

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Date:  Posted 3 years before Jan 10, 2017


MiBeloved 3 years ago

During practice this morning Srila Yogeshwarananda was present. I have no idea about where he is staying in the astral existence or how to contact him there. His energy is such that it seems that he has no particular place where he domiciles astral.


He reviewed the condition of my subtle body, and noticed that the kundalini was absent in the trunk of it, in the spine of it. This development was due to some years of effort in that regard.


During the meditation session which followed breath infusion, Srila Yogeshwarananda was present in the head of my subtle body but his presence there was like a diffused something instead of a miniature form. He said this,


“Everything is here. Break out from here. Pioneer these methods. Leave a trace.”


He explained how I should develop a way of reaching the chit akash merely from within the psyche and without anyone infusing energy into my psyche from outside.


He showed a procedure which was to be situated in naad in terms of naad sound, then pulling up the nutrition need-energy up to the place where the tongue is curled back and touches the soft palate in the back of the throat, and then to be in naad light but to keep the whole experience under wraps in the innermost part of the psyche where the core-self is housed. It is like being within that last layer in the very core of an onion and breaking out from there to whatever is outside all other layers.