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Date:  Posted 5 years before Apr 13, 2018


MiBeloved 5 years ago

This morning during breath infusion, Srila Yogeshwarananda was nearby on the astral side, floating in the air some 15 feet to my left while I taught a class to a few students. He did not say anything. Then he left. I was attentive to students. Soon after that Yogi Bhajan came. He looked also and then left.


There was an energy from them which read:


Whosoever teaches is not a student.


Overall in this session, there was a good quality of moon and sun surcharged air. The students were alert at 4am when we did this session. Since all the students including myself use older bodies 50+, we began by doing neck and shoulder exercises without breathing sequence, just exercising the neck and shoulders.


One of the students, an old man, is trying his best to adopt this practice at the fag-end of the life of his body. His body is beyond 60. He began this very late in the life of the body.


Providence does not always permit that one can begin doing yoga in the youth of the body. If we take a body from parents who have no interest in yoga, then it means that we may not have any interest in it while we are with them, because the influence of the parents prevails in childhood.


It is better however to make a last ditch run for it, even if one only has a few years left before nature shows one that the warranty of the body one received from the parents, has run its course. This is due to association change. At least if one practices yoga with us early in the morning that shows that you are in association with us. You abandoned the very valuable association of others, persons who are busy conducing the social business of material existence.


Generally when I speak to a student about getting up to practice yoga at 4am and doing meditation thereafter, the student remains silent, muting the violent response which arises in the mind. All sorts of profanities arise in the minds of students who are asked to rise that early but they suppress the profanities which they would speak to me because they feel they should respect me.


People may do yoga and meditation but not at the expense of that sweet sleep which we get early in the morning before sunrise. However, this particular student is somehow or the other getting up and practicing. He is enthusiastic about it. If one gives oneself over to this practice, then it is left to the practice to produce some results so that one does not in the end, have a feeling of I-wasted-my-time. I-could-have-been sleeping-sweetly-at-that-time.




As a body gets older there is a lack of communication between the trunk of the body and the head of it, all due to the congestion in the neck. Persons with older bodies need to do more neck exercises to compensate for what is happening in the neck in terms of constriction of arteries and veins, calcification of neck spinal bones, seizure of neck muscles and whatever else develops over time which causes the neck to shut down communication between the trunk of the body and the head of it.




During the session I noticed the infused energy which was bunched up. I pulled it through the trunk into the head. In some cases as it is being pulled up it dissipates into the trunk and there is not enough of it compressed to reach into the head. In that case, the yogi would again do a breathing session, and then when some more energy is compressed and becomes bunched, that would be pulled into the head. If that dissipates out as it is being pulled and does not reach into the head, the yogi again does a breathing session and he keeps doing this until the trunk of the body is saturated with the infused energy. When this finally happens and the trunk is saturated with this energy, it will no longer retain the compressed energy. Then the energy will move up through the neck and go into the head.


The essential process is to push the bunched energy down the front of the body from the lungs, to navel, the groin area and then to the base chakra, but there are other methods used as one advances.




There is the method of extracting the bunched energy from the trunk without focusing it down into the body. For instance during rapid breathing when doing a particular posture, there might be a buildup of the infused energy in a certain part of the body. This will be experienced as a clump of energy or as a clump of light. It will not be related to the kundalini life force necessarily. It may not have mixed with the kundalini life force. In that case then, the student may pack some more infused energy into this clamp, provided he or she has not spaced out mentally and has not released the locks and has kept the bunched energy cordoned.


Instead of pushing this energy down to reach the base chakra, the energy may be compressed more where it is located and then from this compression, it will begin to rotate or it might begin to explode outwards or implode on itself. Then the student can take the exploded or imploded energy upwards through the trunk of the body through the neck into the head.


This is a pulling action which transcends even the kundalini awakening experience and gives the adept some understanding of what it would be like to have a spiritual body which has no kundalini chakra configuration and which has energized energy in every which part of it.