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Breath Infusion Churning / Swami Rama
Posted on August 12, 2017

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MiBeloved 5 years ago

Breath Infusion practice this morning was inspired by Swami Rama for the agnisara hatha yoga practice. This is a practice where the student churns the stomach, up and down, down and up, right to left, left to right, in to out, out to in, anus-rectum pull up and push down, navel in and navel out.


Swami Rama 


The classic way to do this was shown to me way back in 1970 in the Philippines by Arthur Beverford, my first yoga teacher. In that practice the student bends over with hands on knees and does the churning action. To a beginner this is agnisara in completion but actually it is only the start of the practice.


For instance when doing this, where is the mind of the student located?


Is the student focused down mentally into the area where the organs are being churned?


Is the student aware of the effects of the churning?


Does the student understand the connection between digestion, evacuation and energy consumption in the subtle body?


Is the student just doing this for the health and beauty of the physical system?


During breath infusion, Swami Rama was looking down into my subtle body as to where the infused breath energy was going. Then he showed me how to move the breath energy in the way of the agnisara churning actions. This is when you are doing bhastrika pranayama and you mentally cause the air to churn in the system in exactly the way you would have done physically using the diaphragm to make the churning actions. The diaphragm is not involved in this except in the action of the rapid breathing to bring the infused air into the system. Once the air is in the system then the air is mentally handled just as the churning action would be in the classic hatha yoga procedure.


So this is another type of agnisara practice which I learnt today from an expert in the astral world, a guru who is deceased, Swami Rama.




Swami Rama also explained this about the small of the back:


“Small of the back constriction is created by the posture of kundalini when it enters into fetal development. In the case of a siddha or a divine being there is no small of the back constriction in that person’s subtle body, but as soon as a fetus is developed as that person, then the small of the back is manifested because kundalini creates this.


“It should be eliminated before one leaves the physical body, otherwise one will find that one is looped back again into getting another fetus immediately after leaving the body. This is because of kundalini shakti’s primordial impulse which is to use physical bodies sequentially, and transfer from one old or damaged body to another newly-formed one.


“This small of the back is behind the navel on the spine and it is where energy of kundalini is constricted so that it does not go upward but remains below the navel for survival and reproduction purposes. A student has it as a task to get rid of it, to straight out that kink in the sushumna nadi. Then kundalini will always be radiating up the spine continuously and the effort to raise kundalini is no longer necessary since it continuously radiates through the spine and there is no constriction there to block the flow of energy.”