Blocked Nostril / Bhastrika pranayama (Viewed 90 times)
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Blocked Nostril / Bhastrika pranayama
Posted on August 11, 2017

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Date:  Posted 5 years before Aug 11, 2017


MiBeloved 5 years ago

This morning breath infusion began with a completely blocked left nostril which meant that the sun energy was predominant and the moon energy was lacking in the atmosphere.


With bhastrika this is treated in a completely different way by just ignoring this and doing the practice. After about 5 minutes of practice through my routine, the left nostril opened about 50%. Then after 15 minutes, it was fully opened. Kundalini rose on either side of the body not just on the left or right side.


With bhastrika the pranic build up spreads from one container-section to the next, from one side to the next, from one area to the next until the whole system is filled. This makes it possible to ignore the blockage of a specific nostril and just to work on the infusement and let that flow over from one filled part to the next.


Due to years of practice, kundalini rises immediately as the practice begins. This is because of years of penetrating the various small microscopic nadi channels. Now they remain open and thus as soon as the breath infusion starts they accept charges of that force.


The charges no longer accumulate below the navel to gush into the pubic area and then to rushes to muladhara to arouse kundalini. Instead the charge goes through the nadis directly and as such the entire trunk of the subtle body, the neck, the cheeks and temples have a cool frosty bliss energy shifting and moving through continuously during the practice and surging forcibly in particular postures.