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Astral Ashram Being Constructed
Posted on November 09, 2018

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Date:  Posted 6 years before Nov 09, 2018


MiBeloved 6 years ago

Due to an astral encounter last night with two persons whom I knew at an ashram where I lived years ago, I decided to review exactly what happens in this ashram in the social way. On one hand, in the ashram there is this belief that it is all transcendental spiritual association; in fact the place is just as social as any other lifestyle.


I was with one person who was a leading sannyasi and the other person was a president under this leading sannyasi. The sannyasi was disgraced for criminal acts and deviant sexual activity with male children. The president lost his stature when the sannyasi was dishonored. Now that sannyasi is deceased.


I was with them in the astral world at an astral place where they are building a new ashram, even though the president is not yet deceased, and neither am I. The sannyasi wanted me to demonstrate the bhastrik pranayama system. When the president saw it he said that years ago he had a brush with Yogi Bhajan but that he did not learn the techniques.


The sannyasi looked with interest but could not get it into his brains about the value of the pranayama. He was confident in his mind that the process of the sampradaya was good enough.


After a bit, the sannyasi asked me to clean up the ashram. To his mind that is what I was good for. This is because when I first went to the ashram some years ago, he asked me to clean up the boy’s boarding school which was so unclean that it was amazing that persons who were brahmins were living there. These were Westerners who were awarded the brahmin status because of their intellectual versatility. For some reason they could not absorb the cleanliness habits of the Sampradaya Acharya of the sect. His pledge that initiation from him would cause the required changes in their behavior did not pan out in that area.


In these ashrams, there is always this social tug-of-war as these salvation gurus, and these peace-love-and-harmony gurus fail to achieve their wildest dreams about God, heaven or even oneness in some cases, on the practical level of ashram life.


When all is said and done it is your social value to them that causes them to promote you in the ashram life or to just neglect you altogether.


The word sannyasi is an interesting Sanskrit word. Nyasi means a person who is apart from social life, who is done with it, who stepped away from human social interactions. San is sam which means complete or well done. So most of these sannyasi are anything but done with social life because they usually form institutions in which they reestablish social life all over again under religious pretenses.


It would be better to change the prefix and make the word anyasi, which would mean not renounced, since a as a prefix reverses the meaning of the word after it.




In the book spiritual master, I discussed some of these loopholes in spiritual masters (gurus):