Arms/Forearms/Hands Withdrawal (Viewed 155 times)
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Arms/Forearms/Hands Withdrawal
Posted on January 22, 2017

In the evolutionary outlay only some forms have protrusions which function as fins or arms. The first lifeforms had no arms. They were unicellular organisms which split to reproduce. At that time, the sense of feeling which utilized touch sensation, was everything.


To understand the core-self an individual should resume a primitive configuration which is without limbs and complex senses, one which is like a unicellular mechanism with only the sense of feeling.



During a session of breath-infusion, there was a retraction of the arms, forearms and hands. In the subtle boy there was tingling and jingling of a neutral bliss energy in the arms, forearms and hands. Then the limbs retracted into the shoulders and became a stub of light energy. The shoulders, and armpits rattled with translucent energy which was transparent. The shoulder blades flashed a light-yellow translucent light, which emanated neutral bliss radiance.