Accidental Kundalini Rising (Viewed 114 times)
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Accidental Kundalini Rising
Posted on August 10, 2017

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MiBeloved 5 years ago

Yesterday I was doing some construction work for an outdoor deck. Due to distractions, I cut two supporting posts 8 inches too short. This is after we sunk these post 30 inches into the ground in 16 inch diameter hole with concrete.


We had to dig these out. During the process while driving a cold chisel through the concrete to crack it, I was bending down into the hole with my head hanging downwards. This was for about 5 minutes. When I stood up immediately after kundalini rose through the spine and came into the head.


Its journey through the central spinal passage, sushumna nadi, was accompanied by a tiny bliss feelings firing out along the spine as it travelled upwards. This was like tiny slivers of glass shooting out from the spine into the body. When it entered the head, there was supernatural perception which an omnivision of seeing in all directions and seeing tiny microscopic globules of light.


When this happened it happened so quickly that I almost lost control of the physical body. I immediately applied the neck lock and the mind lock while still in touch with the physical body while this samadhi was taking place.


If I had gone over fully into the samadhi and did not keep track of the physical body, it would have fell to the ground and the other persons who were present would have concluded that I fainted. These persons do not have information about kundalini and so they would form the traditional opinion about what happened.


This is an example of how kundalini can rise suddenly of its own accord without doing any yoga specifically to arouse it.


But this kind of spontaneous rise of kundalini is not sufficient for a serious yogi. A yogi should make kundalini rise at least once per day, and this should be done just before meditation practice. At least that is what I would recommend.


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Re: Accidental Kundalini Rising
Reply #1 Posted on August 10, 2017
I was doing some stretches in the large bathroom stall during break last week at school.
I had an unanticipated kundalini rise that caused the same experience.
Suddenly kundalini went quickly through my spine and arrived in my head.
I centralized consciousness and pulled the anus and chin lock so as to stay in my body,
I was very close, on the verge of fainting, yet enjoying the experience of what you call tiny bliss feelings...
I remember I even thought to myself, 'If i do faint here in this bathroom, someone is going to find me in a lump on the floor and I do not want that'.
Luckily the locks worked as they should. The feeling of the kundalini rise was transcendental and full blown, just unexpected. Always gotta be ready..... :)